What is Windows Spotlight Quiz and How to Play it for Fun

Did you noticed on your Windows 10 lock Screen every time when your login to windows 10 you will see different wallpaper and some questions on it did you curious about it what that is and how to know their answer.  So, these are the question which comes from Windows Spotlight quiz.

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Windows Spotlight is a feature included by Microsoft in Windows 10 by default. Windows Spotlight download pictures and advertisement automatically from Bing search engine and displayed on your Windows 10 Lock Screen.  This feature originally starts in 2017 later Microsoft did many changes like showing question, adding photo credit to photographer and many more.

windows lock screen spotlight quiz

Play Windows Spotlight Quiz

If you also interested to play windows spotlight quiz, there are two ways for it. Number 1: just click on windows 10 lock screen question and unlock your PC. Now quiz page automatically open in Microsoft Edge browser. No matter which is your default browser for windows 10. Number 2: Just open any browser and visit to bing.com now type Windows Spotlight Quiz you can now start playing your favourite windows 10 quiz. So, lets start the process to play quiz.

How to Play Windows Spotlight Quiz and Guess the Answers

Step 1: Visit to bing.com from any browser

Step 2: Now type “Windows Spotlight Quiz” in search bar

Step 3: Now you will see some questions probably 3 question at a single quiz

Answer questions in Windows Spotlight quiz

Step 4: These questions are objective, and you need to choose one answer

Step 5: If your answer will right you will notify and its also show how many people are good in this question like 62% got this right

Step 6: After playing all 3 question you will be redirect to your result page where you can check your score and share this quiz to other.

Windows Spotlight Quiz Result

Play this amazing quiz and challenge your friends also to know their knowledge about the world. If you love to travel and want to explore new things everyday play this windows spotlight quiz. It really helps to enhance your history and world new places knowledge.

Few Questions of Windows Spotlight Quiz.

Here we are showing you few questions of Windows Spotlight Quiz so you can get idea what kind of quiz it and you can also prepare their answer easily to get good marks in quiz.

  1. Loch Assynt is in which country?
  2. What’s an ungulate?
  3. Where will you find Banff
  4. This bear in Spain is called what? (you will get bear image to guess)
  5. Why does grass cover the roof?
  6. Can you ID this breed (will show horse image)?
  7. La Mancha plateau is where
  8. Guess what these rocks are called
  9. Can you ID this bird (will show bird image)?
  10. Where’s Punta del Este?
  11. Where’s the birthplace of the Renaissance
  12. What’s the Alps’ highest mountain?
  13. Where’s the Sossusvlei?

There are few questions from Windows Spotlight quiz page if you find these questions interesting and want to play quiz hurry up and visit to Windows spotlight quiz page here

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