What is HouseParty App How to Use it for Face to Face Calling

What is HouseParty App

HouseParty App is face to face social network app which available for android, iPhone, MacOS and for chrome browser users only.  Its synchronous social platform that lets you connect face to face with the people you care about most. Due to Covid-19 lockdown almost 75% of world population stayed at home. Everyone these days want to spend quality time with their family and want to get in touch with relatives and friends. So, for those people who feel bored at home they can try HouseParty app to fun with video call.

How to Download HouseParty App

HouseParty app is completely free and available for Android, iPhone, Mac, and Chrome users to access HouseParty.  If you also want to use HouseParty app download it from below links

For iPhone

For Android

For MacOS

For Chrome

How to use HouseParty App

If you are new and just download HouseParty app in your smartphone here we are guided to use HouseParty for fun and video calling with your friends.

Step 1: Open HouseParty App (we assume you already downloaded it)

Step 2: Now Signup to App with provide email-ID, username, password and date of birth

how to use house party app

Step 3: Now Enter your phone number to verify it

Step 4: Access to your contacts so if anyone from your contact already use this app it will be listed below, and you see the option to add them.

Step 5: Connect with Facebook to access your Facebook friends.

Step 6: HouseParty only works with friends if someone added you back you can start chatting or video calling with them.

face to face calling with houseparty

Step 7: Now you can search other friends with name and start video calling them.

That’s all these are the basic steps to use HouseParty and how to make call in HouseParty app. You can turn off your video. Create room for video, leave room in HouseParty app there are lots of feature in the app. If you want to use them or learn more about it, please comment us below we will explain in the next article.

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