What is Google Takeout and how to download takeout data

Google takeout is service offered by google backup your all account data in single file and download it to local storage.  Every time users search about how to download all google account data so give to answer for this question google release service google takeout in early 2011.

Google takeout is free service from Google to google users to download YouTube data, emails, contact, cloud print, photos and many other services. So let’s start the process how to use google takeout service to download all account data at once.

How to Use Google Takeout Service?

First of all, you need to visit google takeout website from your browser or visit directly to takeout.google.com

Here are you need to complete two steps to download your data from google takeout service.

  • Select Data to include
  • Choose file type, frequency, and destination

What Kind of data include in my Google takeout?

There are lots of data which google collect from us and we also use many services of google like photos, contact, cloud print, android service any many more to go in details here we list all services which include in google takeout

  • Android Device Configuration Service
  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Blogger Data
  • Calendar
  • Google Chrome include Bookmarks, history and other settings
  • Cloud Prints
  • Google Contacts which saved in you google account, android device etc.
  • Crisis user reports
  • Data Shared for research
  • Google Drive all data including sheets, documents etc.
  • Google Fit Data (steps, sleep time etc.)
  • Google Account Data (Including account registration, name etc.)
  • Google Cloud search
  • Gogol Help communities (questions you asked on any google forum)
  • Google My Business (if you managed any GMB listing)
  • Google Play
  • Google Photos (All of your photos uploaded on google photos)
  • Google Play Books
  • Google Play Game services
  • Google Play movies and TV
  • Google Play Store Data (Installed app, ratings, reviews)
  • Google Shopping Data
  • Google Translator Toolkit
  • Google Workspace Marketplace
  • Groups managed by Google
  • Google Hangout Chats, attachment etc.
  • Google Home App Data (Device information, history etc.)
  • Google Keep all of your notes
  • Google Location History (All of your location history if you turned it ON)
  • Google Mail (all of your mails, user settings in JSON format)
  • Google Maps and your Places in Google Maps
  • My Activity
  • My Maps
  • Neighbourly App Data
  • Google News App Data
  • Google Pinpoint Data
  • Posts on Google (Related to GMB)
  • Google Profile Images and settings
  • Purchases and reservations
  • Google Questions Hub (related to google search console)
  • Google Reminders
  • Saved
  • Search Contributors
  • Shopping Lists
  • Google Street view
  • Google Tasks
  • Google Voice
  • YouTube and YouTube Music Data

These all services data will include in Google Takeout data services. But if you are not a tech friendly and only using few services of google then we recommended that only include these services which data you need to download. Some of common serviced which every user used are: Google Photos, Google Mail, Google Contacts, Google Maps, Play Store Apps Data, Purchases History, & Google Keep

How to Download Google Takeout Data in Local Storage?

So after choosing services to download data from Google takeout now it’s time to choose file type, destination and frequency of download takeout data

Delivery Method:

Google takeout delivery method

After selecting Google takeout data you can choose how to download this data like link on email to download on local storage, add to Google Drive, add to OneDrive, add to Dropbox and Add to Box. These are the cloud storage services and you can also directly upload all of your data to any of them.


After choose delivery method it’s time to choose frequency of downloading your takeout data there are only 2 option available export once and Export every 2 months for 1 year (total 6 exports will be provided)

takeout frequency

File Type & Size:

After choosing frequency and delivery method it’s time to choose file type and size of file.  You can choose .zip and .tgz as per your need and file size will be 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10 GB, and 50GB. We recommend that you choose 10GB option so almost your all data will include in single file.

file type and size in google takeout

Export Data:

Now your selected data will be ready to export if you choose sent link on mail then your all export data will be available to download in few hours. You also receive email regarding download your data. If your data size will be large then export may be take time more than 12 hours. But no need to worry once your data will ready you will have got the link on email.

export progress in Google Takeout

You can also manage your export and single export data will be available to download at least for 7 days only.

manage your Takeout export

If this article useful for you and you can able to download your takeout data, then write us in the comment section and share your feedback too.

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