What is Google Smart Lock How Google Smart Lock Works to Save Your Passwords.

A Guide to Google’s Feature Smart Lock for Android Phone, Chromebooks, and passwords in General

Google Smart Lock feature firstly rolled out in android devices later it available for Chromebook and passwords. Every time you unlocked your android phone you need to enter password or fingerprint.

Google Smart Lock for Android Phone

Google Smart lock keep android device unlocked when they’re in pocket, handbag, or close to your home, or in trusted location. (you can set trusted location by visiting to setting option)

So, it means if you activate google smart lock you don’t need to use pin, password, or face to unlock your account. Simply follow these steps to enable google smart lock in android phone.

Step 1: Open your Device Settings

Step 2: Tap on Security or Lock Screen Option

Step 3: Not Tap on Smart Lock it will be promoted for your password enter to proceed.

Enable Google Smart Lock in Android Phone

Step 4:  Here you get 3 option: On Body Detection, Trusted Places, and trusted devices

Step 5: Choose suitable option for you and enable smart lock for android phone.

Now when you are near to your trusted place, or phone near to your body or connected via trusted devices like Bluetooth you no need to unlock it.

Here are all 3 option in details

On Body Detection: Enabling this feature when your phone in your pocket or you handle in your hand no need to unlock it.

Google Smart Lock on Body Detection feature

Trusted Place: You can set trusted place like your home, your workplace where you no need to enter your password to unblock it.

trsuted locationfeature in google smart lock

Trusted Device: You can also unlock your phone with trusted devices like your laptop, Bluetooth headphone, smart watch etc.

trusted device feature in Google Smart Lock

I Hope this guide help you to understand how Smart Lock works in android phone and you easily understand what Google Smart Lock feature is.

Google Smart Lock for Passwords:

Remember different apps password is very difficult. Every day if your signup or login to new app you need password. Everyone understands that how difficult to remember passwords for everyone. On an average basis smartphone user have more than 20 accounts to login. Like you have social media account, bank application, government application, work emails etc.

Google Smart Lock for password sync your password via chrome login.  You need to turn on save password option to use this feature.  To enable this option just to visit to Your Google account then >> security>> Password Manager.  Here you can see all saved password or remove them as well.

You can also check all your saved password via visiting passwords.google.com and login with your email ID.  To view saved password, you need to enter your System password first. If you are using your smartphone then need to enter your phone passcode.  Here are few steps to check chrome password manager.

Step 1: To use chrome password manager visit to passwords.google.com

google password manager setting chrome

Step 2: Search for website which you want to check password

Step 3: Now here you can copy password or directly visit website to click

Step 4: It done you can also edit or delete save password in chrome password manager.

copy or edit password in chrome password manager

I hope these steps will help to use chrome password manager and you no need to remember every password for now. You can also enable auto-fill password option by visiting this step

Enable Auto Fill in Chrome

Step 1: Click the Chrome button in the upper-right corner of the browser.

Step 2: Choose Settings. …

Step 3: Scroll all the way down and click Show Advanced Settings.

Step 4: Scroll further until you see Passwords and Forms.

Step 5: Click the Manage Autofill Settings link.

Google Smart Lock for Chromebook:

This feature for those who are using Chromebook, in this feature you can unlock your laptop via android device. You can also send or receive texts from your Chromebook.

For using this feature in Chromebook make sure your Chrome OS version is 71 or newer, Android Version is L-MR1 or newer and you signed in with same google account in both devices.

Step 1: On Bottom right of chrome book’s screen select the time.

Step 2:  Visit to Setting

Step 3: Now under connected devices, choose setup option next to your android device.

Step 4: Fill your password a follow-on screen command. (you also get confirmation message on your android phone.)

Step 5: Now in under Enabled option select which service you want to be turned on.

Step 6: Now Accept and continue followed by Done feature.

That’s it these steps will enable Google Smart Lock in your Chromebook easily if you face any issue or problem visit to google help center.

I hope these steps to enable Google Smart lock and what is google smart lock you understand easily. Enabling this feature, you might be compromised your google account security, so we recommended that use this feature as per need.  Google Smart Lock feature is still having few bugs and you may lose your password. If you need any help or have any question, please write us in below comment section.

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