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Can you surf the internet on Roku? If your answer is no for this question then don’t go anywhere just stick on this page and read this blog till end. Here today we are going to discuss best web browser for Roku and how to install them on your Roku device.

Roku is a hardware device which launched by American company Roku in 2008 to stream digital content on any TV. Its like Google Chrome Cast, Amazon firestick etc.

We already told you that you can install browser on Roku device but they come with limited function & feature and have limitation but don’t worry here we go for Roku tv web browser.

Many users ask this question does Roku have internet browser?

If you want to use your Roku streaming device as web browser to browser the internet then Roku doesn’t have this option and this is not best choice for you.  After launching Google Chromecast, Amazon firestick and all they have web browser inbuilt so after many years Roku also offer browser to surf internet. But these browsers not developed by Roku these are third party web browser.  These browsers are available on the Roku Channel store and you can install them easily.

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Best Roku Web Browser on Roku Channel Store

1. Web Browser X

browser x for roku

Best Roku Web browser is Web Browser X which is available on Roku Channel store. This Web Browser X is basic designed browser and feels you like you are using internet explorer or some browser from 1990’s.

This web browser for Roku has all the feature which every web browser has. You can visit to any website surf the internet. Bookmark your favorite website, or just click on pre filled website from suggestion like google news,, CNN and many others.

If you want to play videos from YouTube, daily motion or some other website in this Roku web browser then we are sorry this browser doesn’t support video playback.

Download Web Browser X for ROKU device here

2. POPRISM Web Browser

Another ROKU TV web browser is POPRISM web browser.  We are not in mood to add this browser on the list but this is only browser which are available after Web Browser X. This browser is something like CMD or DOS system.

POPRISM browser for Roku is only can read text from website. It’s don’t display images, graphic, CSS and not even JavaScript.

If you need web browser for Roku for some urgent need then you can use this POPRISM web browser easily.

There are some other browsers also available on ROKU but they have limited functionality or like website specific check out them also.

Download Poprism browser for roku

3. Reddit Browser

reddit browser for roku

If you are reddit lover and want to use Reddit App on your Roku device then give a try to this Reddit browser.

It can help you to post on reddit, votes, upvotes, share media, view media, and many more. One more thing you can even load 1000+ images from subreddit and view then on your Roku device.

Try Reddit Browser to surf the reddit on ROKU

4. Media Browser:

media browser for roku

Media browser as name suggest it can help to play media on your Roku device. This browser for Roku like can play media from your local storage, you can watch movies, view your photos from your local drive.

If you want to use this browser to surf internet or play video on YouTube then this not worked.

I hope these browsers will help you to surf the internet on your Roku device. I research on internet and visit 100+ website to find out which browsers are currently available on specific region on Roku device but these 2 browsers are available. Some of website list browser like Opera, Chrome, Firefox but I clear that these websites listed them fake. Because Roku doesn’t have opera browser, chrome browser and Firefox browser. To confirm use I also contact the Roku channel and these browser support mail and they confirm that they currently don’t have support for Roku.

Another Way to Use Web browser on Roku Using Screen Mirroring

If you are not able to install above listed browser on Roku device and still want to use the internet on Roku then try screen mirroring to windows on your Roku device.

Here is the step-by-step guide how you can use screen mirror option in your Roku device.

How to Screen mirror windows 10 to tv

Use Screen Mirror from Chrome to Roku

Step 1: First of all, you need to check that your Roku device is running the latest update currently is Roku OS 10 or you have minimum 7.7 version

Step 2: Just Open your Chrome browser from your Window machine

Step 3: On Chrome browser click on 3 dot and click again on cast button

Step 4: Now it will scan for device and show you device just choose Roku and view your chrome browser tab on Roku device to surf the internet

Use Screen Mirror Android to Roku Device

Did you know that you can also mirror your android phone screen on Roku tv and browser the internet? Here are the steps for mirror android to Roku device.

Step 1: Open your android phone and find cast option (this is depending on which model you are using)

Step 2: Find the device to cast it will show you to Roku device

Step 3: Tap on Roku and connect your device.

Step 4: Now your android phone screen will cast on your Roku device

Now you can visit to your browser on android phone and see all the content on Roku device. This method helps you to surf the internet on Roku device.

These mirror to screen option also has some limitation but still you can view your browser content on the TV.

FAQ related to surf internet on ROKU

Question 1: Can you browse the internet on Roku

Answer: Yes absolutely 100% you can browse the internet on your Roku device but there is some limitation. Some of browser like web browser X help you to browser internet on Roku and you can download this on Roku channel store.

Question 2: Can I Use Chrome Firefox on Roku Device

Answer: No, you can’t use these browsers on Roku because officially chrome and Firefox not available on Roku device. But still you can try the screen mirroring from your android device and use chrome on android and cast it to Roku.

Question 3: Is Free Web browser available for Roku

Answer: Yes, you can install Web browser X for free on Roku device and there is some other browser also available which can be install for free. But sometime they charge nearly $4.99 to unlock features of browser on Roku.

Question 4: How to Cast/Screen Mirror browser to Roku

Answer: If you want to cast your browser on Roku device then try the above listed method. Did you know you can easily cast google chrome directly to Roku device and you don’t need any third-party app for this.


So basically, Roku is not a good option to browse the internet but still you can use Roku device to surf the intendent. One of the best streaming media devices is still struggling for web browser and we hope that in next generation and latest OS they will release the browser for Roku device. If you love this article then comment us below or have question to ask it here.

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