How to Update Logitech Mouse Driver in Windows 10

Mouse is essentials part of your PC or laptop. No matter which mouse you used wired or non-wired. Mouse market almost 40% capture by Logitech company. Some of user complain that Logitech mouse sometime stop working while hardware is work fine. In that case you need to update Logitech mouse driver.

We all know that for hardware to software connectivity we need driver to work properly. If you Logitech mouse also stop working suddenly that means you need to update your Logitech mouse driver for sure. There are many be other reasons too so we are discussing here how can we fix the issue and fix Logitech mouse stop working issue correctly.

Method 1: Using Best Driver Updater Software to Update Logitech Drivers

Simply if you are not so tech friendly then we recommended that choose one of the best driver updater software for windows and download the driver for your Logitech mouse easily.  Here are the methods to update drivers with IObit driver booster

Step 1:  Download IObit Driver Booster from Here

iobit driver booster 8 review 2021

Step 2: Install and run for outdated driver scan for your PC

Step 3: Now you will se all outdated driver category wise

Step 4: In Mice and Pointing device category choose your Logitech mouse

Step 5: Click on Update driver and install the latest update for Logitech mouse driver.

To completely install and work properly you need to restart your PC for once. This method works very well and under one minute you can get the latest update for your Logitech mouse.

If you are not in the mood to install any driver update software then try some other hacks listed below.

Method 2: Using Device Manager to Update Mouse Driver

This method always works no matter which company mouse you using, easily update your Logitech or some other company outdated mouse driver with this trick.

Step 1: Open device manager search device manager in search bar

Step 2: Click on Mice and other pointing device

device manager settings

Step 3: Right click on your mouse and choose update driver

mice and pointing device manager

Step 4: Now it will be download driver for your Logitech mouse from server and update it.

That’s all you can easily update any kind of driver including Logitech mouse with this method. If above device manager method doesn’t work for you then try some other method listed below.

Method 3: Download /Update Logitech Mouse driver from Vendor Website

If you are not trust to anyone then simply download or update the Logitech mouse driver from directly manufacturer website Logitech itself. Here are the steps and process for how to download or update Logitech mouse driver from official website.

Step 1: Visit the official website download center

Step 2: Or you can directly access Mouse Download area

Step 3: Choose your mouse version and click on it

logitech support for search driver

Step 4: On right side click on download

Step 5: Now Download the latest version of software/ driver by click on Download Now Button

download logitech driver for mouse latest version

That’s all

This method will help you to download and install Logitech mouse driver in windows 10 system easily.

I hope all these methods will help you to install or download Logitech mouse drivers. Sometime working mouse suddenly stop working then this method will help you to fix the issue.

Not even Logitech mouse you can follow all the steps for some other companies’ mouse also. Every Mice or touch pointing device.

Do let us know in the comment section below if you have any suggestion or feedback for this article.

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