The Best Remote PC Apps for Android & iPhone – Mirror Your Windows PC Screen

Did you know that you can mirror your PC/Laptop screen on your smartphone via using PC remote app. Sometimes you have urgent work from your laptop or PC but unable to access your PC? Here are few apps which help to access your PC remotely without any hassle just setup any app from these to access remote PC. These amazing PC remote apps for PC really helps you lot and remove dependency on PC to complete work.

Suppose you have urgent work on weekend and want to access your office PC. Or you may be on leave and want to access some file or pdf to send your client no need to worry access your PC local files via using these PC remote apps. You required only 2 things, first setup any app and second your PC must be on to access via remotely.

Best Apps to Remote Control Your PC:

Here are the few apps to remotely control your PC from

1. Chrome Remote Desktop:

Chrome Remote Desktop from google #1 solution for control your PC remotely. Download Chrome Remote Desktop app from Play store or app store to access your PC via remotely. This best PC remote apps help you to access your PC following these steps help to setup chrome remote desktop.

Step 1: Open from your PC

Step 2: Now sign in from your email ID

Step 3: Click on Setup Remote Access

setup chrome remote desktop

Step 4: Choose Your PC Name and Click on Next

choose PC Name Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 5: Now Setup Password and Click Continue

choose Password to access remote PC

Step 6: Now you will see Your PC as Online

Now your PC online in Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 7: Now Download Remote Desktop App from Play Store

Step 8: Sign in as same Email ID in your android Smartphone

Step 9: Enter Password which you choose earlier

Chrome Remote Desktop Android to access PC remotely

Step 10: That’s it Now you can access your Remote PC from your smartphone.

access pC in Phone Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop app is completely free and required only 5 minutes to setup. Main problem is that you may face some lag in your phone while access remote PC.  But believe me chrome remote desktop is number 1 PC remote app for you.

2. Microsoft Remote Desktop

Another app to access your PC remotely is Microsoft remote desktop. Chrome Remote Desktop app is best for everyone but what if you not have googled account in that case you can use awesome pc remote app for android Microsoft remote desktop app. Here are the few steps to access your PC remotely with Microsoft remote desktop app.

Step 1: Download remote desktop assistant from Microsoft website

Step 2: Enable to firewall access.

accept microssoft remote assistant

Step 3: Now you will see remote desktop setting save these setting in your PC.

Your PC ready to access with microsoft remote desktop

Step 4:  Download Remote Desktop App from Google Play Store.

Step 5: Click on + icon to add your PC

Step 6: Enter your credential which you save earlier

Microsoft Remote Desktop Setup android

Step 7: That’s it now you can access your PC remotely with Microsoft remote desktop app.

This app may have some issue and you may be unable to connect some time with Microsoft remote desktop app for this you can follow official Microsoft thread here.

3. TeamViewer Alternate to Chrome and Microsoft Remote Desktop:

The name is enough I guess everyone use this app to access PC remotely. When Microsoft remote and Chrome Remote Desktop not available we used to access friend PC or client PC with team viewer. You can also use team viewer in your phone steps are very simple.

Step 1: Install Team Viewer in Your PC

Step 2: Now you will see Allow Remote Control option here User ID and password

Team Viewer to access your PC remotely

Step 3: Now Install Team Viewer in your Phone and Launch Apps

Step 4:  Now you will see option to add Partner ID in your phone add it and click on remote control

Step 5: Now Enter Password

team Viewer to access your PC

Step 6: Access your PC in your phone now.

teamviewer for android show your PC

Simple and easy steps for everyone who looking for PC remote apps I hope Team Viewer is the best remote-control PC apps for everyone.

There are multiple apps available on play store and multiple method to access PC remotely. But we only rely on these top 3 apps for you. Some other apps like VNC viewer, splashtop 2 etc. also available but These apps are from reliable source and authentic apps you can use without any risk.

Let us know in comment section below that these PC remote apps for android and iPhone works for you on not. We will come back with few more apps. If you face any issue while using these apps let us know we will help you.

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