How to Take Screenshot on Windows 10 Lock Screen Screenshot Lock Screen

Almost 1.5 billion of active user use Windows 10and they love to used Windows 10 for daily work, office work or playing games. Every time when your login to Windows 10 PC/laptop did you noticed on lock screen? You will see a different wallpaper from Bing daily wallpaper option.

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Sometimes I want to take screenshot of lock screen but unable to do it because Window + Print Sc button didn’t work in lock screen option. I guess you also try the same and try with several other software to take windows 10 lock screen screenshot. So, you no need to worry more here are quick and easy step to take screenshot of lock screen just follow the guide

Take Screenshot Lock Screen in Windows 10

There are few steps which help to take screenshot in window 10 lock screen

Step 1: First Lock your Windows 10 PC/Laptop by pressing Windows + L key

Step 2: Now you will see your lock screen don’t press any key otherwise you will see enter password screen

Step 3: Now Press only Prt Sc (print screen) Key near function keys

Step 4: Now Unlock your PC by entering your password

Step 5: Now Search for Paint and open it.

open paint to save lock screen screenshot

Step 6: Simply Press Ctrl+V to paste your screenshot of lock screen

Step 7: Just Save it in your desire location

save lock screenshot in paint

Step 8: That’s all your lock screen screenshot now successfully save in your PC

I know for taking screenshot this process is little lengthy, but you know now you can easily take screenshot of Windows 10 lock screen by following above few steps. I hope it will help you to take lock screen screenshot in windows 10. If you have any question, please ask in comment section we will help you in this case.

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