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Snapchat founded in 2011 one of the best social media platforms in earlier days to share photos and videos over the internet with your friends. Everyone loves to snap photos on snapchat and send over the internet. Filter was firstly introducing in nearly 2015 and it became very famous. Later many other social media companies like Instagram ha-ha comes with same feature. But Snapchat is still winner in filter.

Sometime we use snapchat camera to click some beautiful picture and saved in gallery with different filter option. Sometime I think that it is possible that I can remove these filters and try different one on same photo? OH, you read it write yes, it is possible to remove snapchat filter from a saved photo. Read this article till end to know how you can remove snapchat filter from saved photo.

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Snapchat have very good filter option and you can try as you want. The best part of Snapchat app is that every photo snap with Snapchat and edited with filters automatically saved in memory tab and you can access them later. Those snap which saved in memory only these photos filter can be removed easily. So, without wasting time let’s start the process how to remove snapchat filer from saved photos.

Best Ways to Remove Snapchat Filter from Saved Photos.

Option 1. From Snapchat App itself

Best option to remove filter from saved photos in Snapchat is to try Snapchat app itself. Just follow the steps to remove filter from saved photos

Step 1: Open Snapchat App

Step 2: Tap on Camera icon and Tap on Memories icon

Step 3:  Tap on Snap you want to edit them
Remove Snapchat Filter

Step 4: on top right corner tap on 3 dot icon and tap on edit snap shows in screenshot below
edit saved snapchat photo

Step 5: Now remove pre-written text, emojis etc. by taping on them

Step 6: That’s All now click on done icon and Save your snap again

Step 7: You can easily save your snap without filter

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Option 2: Remove Emojis from Snapchat Saved Memories

Step 1: Open Snapchat App

Step 2: Tap on memories and open image to edit by clicking on 3 dots

Step 3: Tap on edit snap and tap on emoji

Step 4: Now tap on backspace and delete emojis

Step 5: That’s all now all emojis removed from your saved snapchat photos.


Editing Snapchat photos and remove snapchat filer from saved photos in not so difficult task. You can easily edit any snap and remove saved filter from photos. In previous there are too many apps which helps to edit snapchat and help to remove snapchat filters. But now these apps are no more available because snapchat end support for third party app. This guide will help you to understand how to remove snapchat filter from a saved picture if you need any other help please let us know in the comment section below.

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