Reliance JioPhone Next Launched in India

JioPhone Next 4G LTE based cheapest smartphone in India today revealed by Mukesh Ambani business tycoon in 44th AGM of Reliance Industries. This new android based smartphone co-developed with Google and running the latest android OS.

Last Year Google and Jio decide to launch something for Indian market and this JioPhone next result of this partnership. This Phone revealed by both Mukesh Ambani and Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

On this launching event Mukesh Ambani also said that India still has nearly 300 million mobile users whi are unable to escape from inefficient and exorbitant 2G services because even a basic 4G smartphone remain unaffordable for these users. So, we decided to bring something affordable and best in technology and this JioPhone next is the answer.

JioPhone Next Launch

When JioPhone Next Launch in India

JioPhone Next first look unveils by Mukesh Ambani and Sundar Pichai but this phone available for end user from September 10th 2021 on auspicious day of Ganesh Chaturthi. And one more surprise that this JioPhone Next not only available in India but also available globally.

JioPhone Next Price in India

JioPhone Next as we already said that Mukesh Ambani told in 44th reliance AGM that currently 300 million mobile users using 2G service or basic phone so this JioPhone could be available in between 4000 to 5000 INR or you can say just under $100.

JioPhone Next Specification and Android Version

JioPhone released today on 24th June 2021 but its features currently not revelled by Jio but as you see in the picture, we assume that this will come from 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage.

JioPhone Next is basic android phone running latest android OS. It will may be also having 8MP/16MP of camera so users can easily use it for video call purpose also with best quality.

JioPhone Next specially design for Indian market so google also made some changes in play store and design android os specially for this phone like android one.

May be this JioPhone also running optimized version of Android One. And all apps will work smoothly.

JioPhone Next Features

1. Read Aloud:

JioPhone read aloud and translate (1)

In this JioPhone Next you can easily read aloud any content on phone like real world like a sign board

2. Google Assistant in Local Language

As you know that JioPhone Next comes with multiple language support Google assistant also support multiple language like tamil, telgu, gujrati, hindi and English.

3. Snapchat Lances

JioPhone Snapchat filter (1)

Snapchat will work easily in this JioPhone Next and multiple Snapchat lances available in JioPhone Next. You can add or remove many features in snapchat lances and it will directly be enabled in your phone camera.

4. Translate in Any Language

It comes with default Google translate and translate any content by scanning from the wall or signboard.

5. HDR Photos

JioPhone comes with super camera and you can even click HDR photos from JioPhone Next

6. Night Mode

Night mode feature JioPhone

JioPhone clicks beautifully photos in night also with night mode feature. You can click high quality photos in low light also.

JioPhone Next Language and other Features.

We all know that this JioPhone smartphone basically design for middle class people market for india so it will come with optimal features like multiple regional language support, a stable camera for video calling, and browser for surf the internet. It will support Jio Browser and Chrome browser as well. But users may be unable to play some high-end games like PUBG and Free fire on this JioPhone next.

This JioPhone Next will only work on Jio4G LTE network and may be can support 5G also because today Jio also announce to launch 5G network in India.

This is for today only we are keep updating this page and will share all the latest information for JioPhone Next and update this page regularly.

If you want to add something then please write us in the comment section below.

For More information follow Google India Blog about JioPhone Next

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