WhatsApp famous messaging and calling app now essential part of everyone life. Every morning and before sleep on bed everyone checks their WhatsApp.  Arrange meeting with boss or plan hangout with friends WhatsApp is necessary to make such plan. Everyone shared memories, some important document, or information over WhatsApp with their contacts. Assume what if you accidently lost your WhatsApp media and want to retrieve deleted WhatsApp pictures.

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So! No need to worry now here we specially baked for you these amazing four WhatsApp media recovery method.

Methods for How to Recover WhatsApp Deleted Photos

Here are step by step guide to recovery deleted WhatsApp chat media.

Method 1:  Request the Photos from Sender

Delete Whatsapp Photos Request from Sender to Recover it

If you are looking for WhatsApp deleted photos, then surely someone from your contact was send you these photos and you accidentally deleted them or may be lost these photos due to wrong backup. So why not again try to request you to sender that please send me these important photos again. This method is 100% working for how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos if sender can send.

Some time photos were sent via some special persona and you can’t ask them to resend again in that case you can try other methods to restore deleted WhatsApp images.

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Method 2: Restoring Older WhatsApp Backup.

WhatsApp takes your important messages, photos and document backup on every day, weekly basis. If you turn on this feature it can life savior for you to retrieve deleted WhatsApp pictures.  WhatsApp takes backup on local storage and store your backup on dedicated linked google drive.  First, you need to check last backup date if your deleted WhatsApp photos matched with backup date you can try to recover then with backup.

Restore old whatsapp backup to get your deleted photos

First, you need to uninstall WhatsApp from your phone and do not plan any backup right now. Just try to again install WhatsApp in your phone and it will show you backup found? Want to restore. Just tap on yes and restore your messages with older backup.  It will help you to recover deleted photos from WhatsApp

You can find your local backup .db files in WhatsApp folder under backup try to restore one of them to get your deleted WhatsApp photos back.

Method 3:  Search on Local Media folder in Phone

Local Find Image in whatsapp

Sometimes it happens we deleted media from chat but still media available on your phone local folder. So why not try to search photos or images in WhatsApp local folder to find this please follow this path.

  • Open Storage
  • Look for WhatsApp folder
  • Now Tap on Media folder
  • Now Tap on WhatsApp images

That’s all! All your deleted WhatsApp chat photos will be finding here.

Method 4: Use Recovery App to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Images

This method generally we don’t recommend to our reader because some of android and iPhone photo recovery apps didn’t work well with recovery method. Most of apps shows you only recover photos and will charge some amount of money to restore them. If you are willing to pay money for your WhatsApp photos recovery, then definitely you can try these any apps.  Some of apps like photo recovery, diskdigger, softo apps photo recovery etc.

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FAQs for Recover Deleted WhatsApp Photos

Question.1: How can I recover my 2-year-old deleted WhatsApp photos?

Answer: The answer is big No. generally it’s not possible to recovery 2-year-old deleted photos from your backup method. But you can try some of WhatsApp media recovery apps to restore your deleted photos from WhatsApp.

Question.2: How do I restore WhatsApp media?

Answer: Simply when you install WhatsApp in your phone choose restore media also from backup it will restore all your media from backup, and it will be required Wi-Fi connection for same.

Question.3: Can you retrieve deleted WhatsApp?

Answer: Yes, from above 4 method you can easily retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages, media, photos.

Conclusion for Recover Deleted WhatsApp Images

We know that WhatsApp is very important for us and if we lost media or important photos from WhatsApp it will very painful for us. These above 4 method help you to retrieve deleted WhatsApp images. Please let us know in the comment section below if you still unable to retrieve deleted WhatsApp photos.

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