view someone snapchat story without them knwing

Love to use snapchat. If your answer is yes, then you also love to view everyone snapchat story. Sometime everyone wants to view snapchat story, but they wish its cool if uploader can’t see that I already seen this story.

Every time in snapchat when someone upload story he/she can check that who see their uploaded story from the list. This feature same work in WhatsApp/Instagram also. If you are looking to fix your problem how to view someone snapchat story without them knowing here, we have multiple solution for you. You just read the article and find out how you can view snapchat story of your friend without them knowing.

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So, I guess you read multiple article over the internet to find solution for view someone snapchat story but here we come with fool proof way to view stories without anyone knowing. We here at TechMaven Door personally tasted all the ways and multiple cases and, in every case, it worked!

View A Friend’s Snapchat Story Without Them Knowing

Let’s start the steps to view your friend’s snapchat story without knowing him

Step 1: Open Snapchat App make sure your Internet or Wi-Fi working fine

Step 2: Swift left to reveal all the snapchat story and slide down to refresh and make sure Snapchat downloads all the stories for you to view them offline.

Step 3: Close the App fully. Not just swipe back. Close all open apps or clear your RAM also. (for iPhone users Swipe Up and to the right to reveal all the apps you have open and swipe up to close snapchat app this feature also work on few android smartphone)

Step 4: Turn on Airplane Mode in your Android/iPhone and make sure your Wi-Fi and Mobile internet turned off.

Step 5: Once again open snapchat app and navigate to story option.

Step 6: So now watch all the stories you want to watch without someone knowing. Snapchat already downloaded all the stories for you to view offline you can now easily view them.

Step 7: Again, Close Snapchat App as per suggest in Step 3

Step 8: Now Go to settings>> Navigate to Apps>> Snapchat now clear Cache of the app first. (For iPhone user Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Snapchat click on offload app and clean app cache.

Pro Tip: Most of website don’t tell you about this step if you simply turn on mobile data/Wi-Fi snapchat cache will let you know your friend that you viewed their story. But after deleted cache no one can find that you view your friend snapchat story without them knowing

Step 9: Now Turn off Airplane mode and Turn on mobile data or Wi-Fi.

Step 10: That’s all you already view your friend snapchat story without them knowing.

I hope these steps will work for you and you able to view someone snapchat story. There are many other multiple methods like you can view someone snapchat story with your friends account or you can create another snapchat account to view someone snapchat story.

But fact is that that every user has their own privacy setting so if you can’t follow person you unable to view their snapchat story. So technically both the ways like borrow your friends’ phone or create another snapchat account will not work. But above-mentioned steps try and tasted, and it will work 100% to view someone snapchat story without them knowing.

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