Fix Slow Running Android Phone Quick Tips

Is your android phone running slow? Here is the solution for a slow running android Smartphone. As far now most of the Smartphone users having the android phone and face a similar problem. So, one of mine friend last weekend buys a new android Smartphone. He started to discover new apps on Google Play and downloads lots of games and apps.

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After few days, he was facing the problem slow running, freezing, crashing and restarting problem. He again started to search apps to boost up or speed up apps for slow android. But he not able to fix the problem and irritate from his new Smartphone. He said that Smartphone was purchased before one month and spend more than 300$ to buy new Android Smartphone.

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Make Android Faster Quick Steps

So, to solve my friend problem I did some manual steps and help to speed up his new Smartphone. That’s time I realize that why not share these cool tips with other users also so they can also speed up slow running android device.

1. Identify the Problem:

First, you need to identify the problem. What exactly you face in your android phone. If your apps are crashing in the middle of working or you are unable to do anything with your Smartphone.

2. Check RAM consumption:

Nowadays most of the Smartphone come with minimum 2 GB of RAM and mostly comes with 6 or 8 GB of RAM. You simply check that how much RAM currently consume. If your Smartphone consume 80 to 90% of RAM, then it will be a serious issue and you need to perform clean-up apps task soon.

3. Check Installed App.

uninstall apps

So, first, check all installed app on your android Smartphone. Uninstall unused or rarely used an app. So, you can easily free up more space on your android and speed up slow running android.

4. Close Background Running Apps:

background running app permission

You can see that most of the time some of the apps automatically start and run in the background. They are consuming your most of RAM and slow download your android performance. You can close these background running apps and speed up your android Smartphone. Follow those steps to close background running apps.

Setting->> Apps->>Running

Now tap on unused apps and stop the app which you want to close.

5. Shut Down Live Wallpapers:

Live Wallpaer Disabled

If you are using live wallpapers on your Smartphone home screen, just shut down them or change to static wallpaper. It helps to free more RAM on your Smartphone.

6. Update your Phone Software:

Check for Software Update for Slow Android

As we know that currently Android M is updated version for android user and android N is also coming soon. If you are running on old OS just first update to latest android version so bugs will be fixed easily, and you can use smoother android performance.

7. Factory Data Reset:

Factory Reset Android to Fix Performance iSsue

None of these tricks helps you to speed up your slow performing android phone. Just try for factory data reset. Don’t forget to get a backup of your apps and data first.

So, guys these steps will help to speed up slow, lagging, freezing android Smartphone. We also recommended that never used apps like speed booster, android phone booster or cache cleaner because these apps may harm your device or steal your personal information also. Always try manual steps to perform any task.

Note: Screenshots from Redmi (Xioami) Note 7 Pro Smartphone

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