How to Install Google Play Store on Firestick TV

Fire TV Stick launched by Amazon Inc. to make your ordinary tv to smart TV. Currently in market both TV android TV and Firestick tv available and both are commonly same. But did you notice that main difference between both is that You can’t access Google Play Store on Fire TV instead of you have access to Amazon app Store which have limited apps. But you can install Google Play Store on firestick tv let’s start the process.

We know that both platform Amazon fire stick and Android TV run android platforms. And APKs are used to installing apps in both platforms. So, kind it possible that Google Play Store Apk can be installed in fire tv also. Yes, you heard it right we are going to share the process about how to install google Play store in firestick tv.

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How to Install Google Play Store on Firestick TV

Before starting the process let me clear that it’s not even simple that you just search Google Play store apk file and install it on your firestick tv here is the alternate way which allows you to install play store on fire tv.  So, let’s start the process.

Step 1: First of all, install the Total Commander and Send Files to TV on your Firestick TV first from Amazon App Store

Step 2:  Now Install Send Files to TV app also on your android Smartphone

Send files to TV android app

Step 3: Now Download the APK of Aurora Store in your Android Smartphone (you can download it from Apkmirror website) and transfer to your TV with Send files to TV App.

Step 4: Now its time to open total commander app on your Fire TV and locate the Aurora Store apk which you transfer earlier from your android smartphone.

Total Commander on firetv

Step 5: Now Click on Install the Apps and you would be asking to install app from unknown source so please allow it. All the process will be done in Total Commander

Total Commander firetv allow unknown source app

Step 6: So, Now Aurora Store will be installed in your TV similar to Google Play Store.

Aurora Store on firetv

Step 7: Now Open the Aurora Store in your Firetv stick and give it to necessary permission to run it properly.

Step 8: Now you will be asked to add your Google Account We recommended that you do not add your google account and just proceed with Anonymous account.

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Step 9: Now you will be in the similar thing of play store and download any apps which you want to run on firetv.

aurora-store-firestick tv

Step 10: We recommended that install only those apps which not available on Amazon App Store and you want them on your fire TV.

Step 11: That’s all now access thousands of apps on your Firetv stick.

Note:  In most of cases Amazon Alexa voice remote will not work with Aurora store and its installed apps so you can use your mouse to navigate them.


You must wonder that there is not official Google Play Store available on firetv? Yes, you are right we all know that both are competitors and Amazon not allows Google Play store to firetv because of want to promote its own app store called Amazon App Store.

I hope this process about how to install google play store on firetv will help you to explore hundreds of apps in your firetv. If you have any problem while install Google Play store on firetv please let us know in the comment section below. You must remember one thing while installing Google Play store on firetv that allow install app from unknown source first.

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