How to Import Passwords into Chrome Google – Export Passwords from Chrome

Google Chrome is used by more than 70% of internet users and this is the best internet browser to date. If you are also using Google Chrome you would be aware of its password saving feature or autofill feature. However, did you know that you can easily import passwords into chrome from another service or can also export passwords from chrome for another password manager service?

If you login to your google account in chrome browser then your all password easily saved in and you can access them easily. Many times, we change our email account or forget to sync the password with a google password manager in that case we need to import the password into chrome. Or you are switch from another browser to chrome then you must need all of your passwords to log in to your favourite website. To do this you need to know how to import passwords into chrome. So, let’s start the process.

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How to Import Passwords into Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser and type chrome://flags in the top address bar you will redirect to the chrome experiment page

Step 2: Now in the Search Flag box type password or import password to open setting

Step 3: Now Change Password Import Setting Default to Enabled

chrome flags password import enable

Step 4: Now Click on Relaunch Button to relaunch Google Chrome Browser to effect changes

Step 5: Now When Browser relaunch go to Google Chrome Setting Page Click on Password Tab

Step 5: Now Click on the 3 Dot icon in a password and click on Import Password

Step 6: Now This will open the Explorer window and navigate to your already saved CSV file to import password into chrome

Step 7: That’s All! Your all password which previously saved in another browser or another service now saved in Google chrome browser

These steps will help to import passwords into chrome browser. By Following these simple steps now, you can easily import saved passwords into chrome. If you want to transfer your saved password from chrome to another computer or browser follow the below export method.

How to Export Passwords from Google Chrome

To do this you first need to enable password import feature in settings which we already done earlier now follow to remaining steps for export chrome password.

Step 1: Go to Google chrome setting page and click on password

Step 2: Now Click on 3 dots icon and click on export password

export password from chrome

Step 3: Now Click on Export passwords button it will ask you to your Windows PC password

Step 4: Now Save Chrome Passwords CSV file into your PC and use it on another PC or browser

Make sure you saved your password correctly and don’t share it with others because passwords are very confidential data and if anyone can get access to your password then he/she can log in to your all accounts and it will not good for you.

How to Export my Chrome Bookmarks

Sometimes with passwords we also need bookmarks when uninstalling chrome or Windows on PC then in this case you must export your all of passwords easily.

To-Do this follow the below steps

Step 1: Go to Setting Page

Step 2: Now Click on Bookmarks and then Click on bookmark manager

Step 3: Now Click on 3 dot icon and click on Export Bookmark

export bookmark from chrome

Step 4: That’s all now your all bookmarks will export in an HTML file and you can easily import these bookmarks to another browser or another PC.

How to Export Google Chrome History

Step 1: Type %AppData% in the search box by clicking Win+R Key together

Step 2: Now Navigate to Following Path: \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default

Step 3: Now Copy the Cookies file from default folder to somewhere else.

These will save you all history to the desired folder when you need to use these histories just replace the existing cookies file with your saved file.

How to Export Passwords/Bookmarks/History of Chrome Automatically

If you want to save your all of passwords with chrome history and bookmarks so you never lose your data then you need to do the simple task.

Just click on chrome browser people icon and turn on sync. Login with your Gmail account and all of your personal data will automatically be connected to your google account.

Now no need to worry about how to import passwords into chrome or how to export passwords from chrome. Whenever you login with your google account all of your history and password will restore.

Note: These steps will be done and process on Windows 10 while running Chrome browser 89 version. Steps may be varied with Chrome version and Operating system version if you need any help please write us in comment section below.

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