Facebook! Almost every smartphone user used Facebook now days to share update, post photo and get update from news, entertainment, and sport sectors. But few of us want to run 2- 3 accounts of Facebook on same devices. Like I take mine example I have my personal account login on my phone but also need to login my company account to mange pages, groups and more. So basically, in that case I want to run multiple Facebook accounts on android smartphone.

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There are multiple methods which can help to run 2 Facebook account on android smartphone lets discuss one by one here.

Table of Content

1. Run Multiple Facebook Account on Mi/Xiaomi Phone

2. Install Facebook Lite Application

3. Run multiple Facebook account with Parallel Space App

4. Using Facebook in Chrome Browser

5. Switch Between Account:

If you have Mi Phone, then you can easily run 2 Facebook account with dual app option. Here are the steps for specially Mi/Xiaomi User.

1. Run Multiple Facebook Account on Mi/Xiaomi Phone

Step 1: Make sure you already install Facebook App on your Phone

Step 2: Go to Settings>> Apps>> Dual Apps

Step 3: Here you will see the all installed app on your smartphone

Step 4: Now Tap on Facebook and Turn on Dual Apps for Facebook

run multiple facebook account on mi phone

Step 5: That’s all now you can run multiple Facebook account in one android phone.

2. Install Facebook Lite Application

Did you know that on Play Store there are Facebook Lite application also available? Facebook Lite application in very lite and run as old mobile view in your phone but you can easily access Facebook in your phone. Follow few steps to run multiple Facebook account in one android.

Step 1: Go to Play Store >> Install Facebook Lite Application

Step 2: Now Open Application it will now directly try to login with your already login account

Step 3: You will need to tap on + icon to log in to another account

run multiple facebook account with facebook lite app

Step 4: Enter your username and password

Step 5: That’s it now you can access 2 Facebook account with one android phone.

3. Run multiple Facebook account with Parallel Space App

If you want to run more apps multiple in your android phone, then Parallel space app is very useful app for you. Parallel space app allow user to use all installed apps as dual apps.

You can easily access multiple Facebook account wit parallel space follow these steps to run multiple Facebook accounts.

Step 1: Install Parallel Space on your Android Phone.

Step 2: Launch App and give all necessary permission to run the app

Step 3: Tap on Facebook to Clone App

parallel space to run multiple facebook account

Step 4: That’s All Facebook now clone to your phone and you can login with another account

4. Using Facebook in Chrome Browser

So, you already have Facebook app installed on your android phone and don’t want to install any third-party app or Facebook lite app to run multiple Facebook account on your android phone. Don’t worry we still have solution to run dual Facebook in your android phone.

Step 1: Open facebook.com on your chrome browser

Step 2: Login with another Facebook account in chrome

Step 3: Now tap on secure lock icon on your chrome address bar

Step 4: Tap on Site Settings

Step 5: Here you will see the option Notification tap on it

chrome using multile facebook account

Step 6: Now Tap on Show notification

That’s all now you will receive all notification from Facebook same as app. If you have any important notification, someone tag you in post or want to read message you will notified with chrome notification.

I personally recommended that you will use Chrome option to run multiple Facebook account on android because you no need to install any other app to run dual Facebook.

5. Switch Between Account:

If you rarely used your second account and want to login just for few updates, then you can try Facebook app default option switch between account here are the few steps to use this feature to run dual Facebook apps on android.

Step 1: Open Facebook App

Step 2: Tap on 3 Line Menu

Step 3: In Bottom of the page click on log out

Step 4: Now log in again with another account.

Step 5: Now next time you will see the option to switch between accounts.

swtich between accounts

Step 6: Just tap on account and login easily with another account

I hope these multiple methods help you to login multiple Facebook account on android phone will help you. We strongly recommended that you will only have personal single Facebook account. Users who manage multiple Facebook account make sure they don’t create any spam and Facebook account.

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