How to Update NVIDIA Drivers on Windows

Are you Graphic Designer, High Gamer, or use your PC for video editing then you must have graphic card in your PC? We all know that more than 90% windows PC which used graphic card prefer to use Nvidia graphic care for better performance. Here are quick fixes for update nvidia driver in windows 10.

PC which have graphic card they also need driver to run PC smoothly like you always want your hardware up to date and use latest hardware to build your PC then also must use latest updated driver for PC. In this blog we talk about Nvidia driver update. Some of user face many challenges while they use graphic card. Like sometime PC crash suddenly or face BSOD error also. In that case you need to update your Nvidia GeForce driver. Up to date Nvidia driver improve your PC performance and enhance your work also.

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We all know that low end PC generally comes with inbuilt graphic card, but you are video developer for graphic editor or pro gamer then you surely use Nvidia GeForce driver for your PC. Here we tell you three different ways to how to download GeForce Nvidia graphic driver in your PC.

How to Update Nvidia GeForce Driver on Windows 10

Method 1: Update Nvidia GeForce Driver Manually

If you are familiar with how to install software and driver in your PC, then you can prefer this method to download Nvidia driver manually from their website here are the few steps to download Nvidia driver easily.

First, you need to find which Nvidia graphic card do you used in your PC. Because without knowing graphic card version you can’t download and update Nvidia graphic driver in your windows 10 PC.  To know about drivers’ details, visit to system information page or device manager. Once you done with your graphic card model and version note down in sticky note or in your notebook.

Their are multiple drivers available on Nvidia website and how to find the best and suitable driver as per hardware. We find out and check that all drivers all available to download on nvidia website and here are the few example which people need to download driver from nvidia website.

  • gtx 1650 driver
  • gtx 1060 driver
  • gtx 1050 driver
  • gtx 1050 ti driver
  • gtx 970 drivers
  • gtx 1070 drivers
  • gtx 1080 drivers
  • nvidia gtx 1050 ti driver
  • gtx 960 driver
  • nvidia gtx 1060 drivers
  • nvidia gtx 1050 driver
  • gtx 1660 drivers
  • nvidia gtx 1070 drivers
  • nvidia gtx 1650 driver
  • nvidia gtx 970 drivers
  • gtx 760 driver
  • gtx 660 driver
  • gtx 1660 ti drivers
  • gtx 1060 6gb drivers
  • nvidia gtx 1080 drivers
  • gtx 950 driver
  • gtx 560 driver
  • gtx 960m driver

These GTX series all driver from 560 to 1660 all ti and high ram drivers can be download easily check out the process below.

Now time to download Nvidia graphic driver in your Windows PC. Here are the steps

Step 1: Visit to official website of Nvidia Drivers here

Step 2: Now fill all the noted information here like Product Type, Product series, your operating system and download type. You also need to choose language of driver.

search for driver in NVIDIA website

Step 3: Now Click on Search Button

Step 4: Now your searched driver details will be displayed as below screenshot including release date and file size.

select driver for download NVIDIA geforce

Step 5: Click on Download Button and save to your PC

NIVIDIA drivers are ready to download from website

Step 6: Once file downloaded it’s time to install Nvidia GeForce graphic driver in your PC

Step 7: Run the EXE file which located in your Download folder or specified folder

Step 8: Click on Next and run the installer it will take 10 minutes to install NVidia driver

Step 9: Please note your system may restart several times while installing drivers

Step 10: Once Nvidia driver installed successfully you can enjoy your graphic performance much better

I hope these methods will help you to update your Nvidia graphic driver easily. If you want to use another method head to the below method to update your graphic card drivers.

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Method 2:  Update NVIDIA Driver via Device Manager

If you are not sure about graphic card version and type or unable to find in your control panel then you can easily update your Nvidia drivers

Follow these steps to update your Nvidia drivers from device manager in Windows 10

Step 1: Visit to Device Manager (Search)

Step 2:  Now Find Display Adapter

Step 3: Find your Nvidia Graphic Card

Step 4: Right Click on Adapter Name

Step 5: Click on Update Drivers

update drivers manually

Step 6:  Now Click on Search Automatically for drivers

Step 7: Nvidia graphic driver will be download and install automatically your system may be restart several times during driver installation

That’s all you can easily download and update your GeForce experience driver in your Windows 10 PC. We still have one more method for those who don’t want to try these hectic methods just download best driver updater software from here and update your driver

Method 3: Update Nvidia Graphic Driver with iObit Driver Update Software

You can easily update your all graphic card driver and other system driver with best driver updater software. We are using IObit driver Booster to update Nvidia graphic driver because its free and easy to use.

Step 1: Download Driver Update software iObit Driver Booster 8 

scanning for outdated drivers

Step 2: Run the Application and it will automatically find your all outdated driver
updating outdated driver iobit driver

Step 3: Click on update driver button

That’s all now this software easily downloads and install your all outdated driver along with Nvidia GeForce drivers.

This software some time ask for money to upgrade pro version if you like this software then surely upgrade or continue using with free version.

I hope these all 3 methods will help you to update your Nvidia graphic card driver easily. If you are using different graphic card, then please tell us in the comment section we surely add steps and method for graphic card driver update.

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