How to Show Hide WhatsApp Status from Specific People

WhatsApp best messaging app right now in the world. Everyone who uses smartphone access WhatsApp for instant communication. Few Years Back WhatsApp released Status feature for Android and iPhone users where users can share their moment with friends as in status feature. WhatsApp Status feature same as Instagram story or Snapchat Story.

If you are also using WhatsApp status feature to update status and want to know how you can hide your status from specific people or contacts here is the quick method for you.  Sometimes we need to share status on WhatsApp but want that some specific people of group don’t see your update or sometimes you only want to share your update with few people if yes then this blog is for you. Check out these amazing steps to know how you can hide or show WhatsApp status with specific people.

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Show/Hide WhatsApp Status from Specific People:

Let’s discuss one by one first we discuss about how you can only share your WhatsApp status update with specific people

1. Show WhatsApp Status with Specific People

To Show WhatsApp status with specific people you need to do the following steps first so only people you selected with your privacy option will able to see your status update here are the steps.

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Step 2: Tap on Status

Step 3: Tap on 3 Dot and Tap on Status Privacy

Whatsapp status privacy setting change

Step 4: Now you will see 3 option: My Contact (Default), My Contacts Except, only Share with

Step 5: Tap on only Share With option

Share Whatsapp Status only with specific

Step 6: Now all your contacts will be displayed here you need to select one by one and tap on Green Right Icon in the bottom

share status with specifc people

Step 7: Click on Done Green Button Now

Step 8: That’s All now you can share your status and it will be only visible to specific people of contacts which choose by you.

These are the few steps for show WhatsApp status with specific contacts from your contact list. These steps are minor different for android and iPhone users. Above mentioned steps for Android Users. If you are using iPhone and want to know about show WhatsApp Status for some contacts, then try these steps.

For iPhone Users to Show WhatsApp Status Open WhatsApp> Setting>>Account>> Privacy>> Status and Choose Only Share With option.

2. Hide WhatsApp Status from Specific People

If you wan to share your WhatsApp status with everyone but want to hide with specific people, then these steps just for you. Like last night you did a great party with your friends and want to share your party photos over WhatsApp Status but you worried about that your parents will also seen your photos and may be scold about alcohol or something else then you choose option like Share WhatsApp status expect option here are the steps to follow

Step 1: Open WhatsApp

Step 2: Now Tap on Status

Step 3: Now Tap on 3 dot and tap on status privacy option

Whatsapp status privacy setting change

Step 4: Again, you will see same 3 option my contacts, My Contacts Except, Only Share with

Step 5: Now its time to tap on My Contacts Except

Show Whatsapp Status to some contacts only

Step 6: Now Choose contacts which you want to hide your WhatsApp Status (Like your mom and Dad)

Hide Whatsapp Status from Specific Contacts

Step 7: Now Tap on Done Button and share your WhatsApp Status

That’s All these steps will hide your WhatsApp status with specific people. Hope these steps will help you. If you are using iPhone, then steps are different follow below steps for iPhone users.

Hide WhatsApp Status for Specific People in WhatsApp iPhone:  Open WhatsApp> Setting>>Account>> Privacy>> Status and Choose My Contacts Except.

FAQ For WhatsApp Status Privacy

Question.1: Can someone who didn’t save my number see my WhatsApp status

Answer:  Answer for this question is defiantly Yes. If you save the number of same person and set your status privacy to all your contact ten someone who didn’t save my number can see your WhatsApp status.

Question. 2: How do you know if someone hides their WhatsApp status from us?

Answer: There are no way to find if someone hides their WhatsApp status from us. You can check same person status to other number if you able to see their status from other numbers or sometime if you able to see someone WhatsApp status but from last few months you not able to see their status that’s mean they start hiding their status.

Question. 3: How can i know if someone excluded me from seeing their status on WhatsApp?

Answer: Same as previous question if suddenly you not able to see someone WhatsApp status that’s mean they exclude you to see their status. To again see status, you need to ask respective people for the same.

Question.4: How to share WhatsApp status of others

Answer:  You can’t share WhatsApp status of others. You can simply reply them to their status or you can take screenshot of any other status.

Question. 5: Can non-contacts see WhatsApp status

Answer: If you didn’t save number of any people, they don’t able to see your WhatsApp status. Only saved contact person can see your WhatsApp status.

Question. 6: How can I show WhatsApp status on selected contacts?

Answer: The answer is very simple if you want to show WhatsApp status to selected contacts then go to WhatsApp> Status> Privacy> Choose Only Share with Option and now choose to contact to show your status. For detailed read in above blog.

Question. 7: Can a person tell if I shared my status only with them on WhatsApp?

Answer: No person who see your status can’t verify that this status only shared with single person.

Question.8: How do you show status on WhatsApp?

Answer: Just update your status on WhatsApp and reset to default setting it will show your status on WhatsApp.

Question.9: How do I know if someone is checking me secretly on WhatsApp?

Answer: If you update your status and every time same person check your WhatsApp status in just seconds after updating your status that’s mean he/she spy you on WhatsApp.

Question.10: Who viewed my WhatsApp status secretly?

Answer: If anyone see your WhatsApp status you can see their name in who viewed your status name list or seen by/read by person.


Hope these steps for Show Hide WhatsApp Status with Specific people will help you to do this. Every time when you need to update WhatsApp status check your status privacy first. Because WhatsApp save your settings and next time its by default load your previous privacy setting. So, we recommended always before sharing your status update make sure you check your status privacy that you rightly show/hide your WhatsApp status with specific people.

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