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Due to COVID-19 pandemic, most of work shifted online and everyone started their work digitally. In this scenario, most people doing their work from home and sometimes face many technical troubles to solve this issue you need to share screen of your windows 10 pc to technical support team.

If you are an ordinary person and facing some issue with your PC and your technical support friend says that please share your Windows 10 screen with me so I can help you with the problem. So here are discussing ways to how to share Screen in windows 10 pc.

To Sharing your Screen with another person you no need to any other third-party tools. Just use Microsoft’s own built-in Quick Assist tool to share your Windows 10 screen.

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How to Share Screen in Windows 10 Different Methods

Method 1: Setup Quick Assist in Windows 10 for Screen Sharing

To Share screen in windows 10 with another person you need to set up a quick assist in windows 10 first let’s start with this

Step 1: Go to Search and Type Quick Assist and Open It (if not found follow step 2 otherwise go to step 3)

Step 2: If you didn’t find Quick Assist in Windows 10 first need to install it. This is an optional feature of windows 10 and by default, it enables on most computer but if you are facing an issue follow the steps

  • Go to Settings and type optional features
  • Now Click on Add A Feature and search for quick assist
  • Now install it and come back to Step 1

Step 3: Now Click on Code from Assistant if you want to share your Windows 10 screen with others

setup Quick Assist in Windows 10 for Screen Sharing

Step 4: Now Another person will share code with you and you need to enter it.

Step 5: Now After entering code you will see a message like waiting for a helper to set up this session

Step 6: Now you will need to allow Quick Assist so another person can see your screen

Quick Assist in Windows 10

Step 7: You Can Even Pause Screen sharing and ask any question in chatbox

Step 8: That’s All you know another person can easily view your screen and you can ask him/her for any kind of help.

If you want to get access to another person screen then follow the below process

Step 1: Same As above step just open quick assist and now click on give Assistance

Step 2: Now it will ask you to login with your Microsoft account

Step 3: On your Screen, you will find a security code please share it with another person

Step 4: Choose Full Control or View the Only Option

take full control in quick assist

Step 5: Another person will allow your session to share screen on windows 10

Step 6: Now you will have full control of another person screen

Step 7: Easily help other people in this case if he will need any kind of help.

I hope these steps will help you to run quick assist in windows 10 and help to share your screen in windows 10.  There are some other ways also if you want to share your screen in windows 10 with someone else.

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Method 2: Screen Share in Windows 10 With Recording

If you do not have an option to share your windows screen with others then you can try recording method to take help from others for do this you can record your screen with Windows Game Bar option in windows 10 to Share Screen in Windows 10

Step 1: Press Windows +G keys together to open Game Bar

Step 2: Now Click on Capture icon or simply press Windows + ALT+ R key together to start recording your screen (Note: Only Desktop and Windows Explorer can’t record from this method)

gamebar screen

Step 3: Record your problem and share this recording with your friend or technical expert to solve your problem.

Method 3: Step Recording in Windows 10 for Share Screen in Windows 10

If you are a helper and want to share some help with your friend like you want to share how to edit a registry in windows 10 then you can use the Step Recorder feature in windows 10 to share your Windows 10 screen with others.

Step 1: Search Step Recorder in the search bar

Step 2: Open Step Recorder

Step 3: Click on Record Icon

step recorder windows 10

Step 4: Record screen first which you want to use in step 1 then pause and again start record for second step.

Step 5: Repeat this process for your step recording and end the recording

That’s all-all-step recording will be saved in a zip file and you can share it with your friend

Sharing a screen in windows 10 is not so tough task but sometimes it’s too risky because someone can access your screen and can be done any financial transaction or theft of your personal information. So, we recommended that always share your windows 10 screen with a known person only. If any technical assistant asks for screen sharing in windows 10 then use a recorded or step process to share your Windows 10 screen.

Above all of these steps, you can also use some other software for sharing screen these third-party software needs to be installed and want to required good internet connection while sharing a windows 10 screen.

Method 4: Software to Use Screen Share in Windows 10

  • TeamViewer
  • Any Desk
  • me
  • Screenleap
  • Mikago

FAQs Related to How to Share Screen in Windows 10

To use the Screen Share feature in windows 10 there are may be multiple questions in your mind so let’s start answering them one by one

Question 1: How to Share Screen in Windows 10 Using Quick Assist

Answer: If you still don’t know about this question answer then need to read this article again. To share your screen in windows 10 using quick assist simply type quick assist in search bar or follow the instruction in first method in the article.

Question 2: Can I Share Windows 10 Screen without a Tool

Answer: Yes, you heard it right that’s possible you can Share Screen in windows 10 without help of any other third-party tool. Windows inbuilt Quick Assist can do this job easily. Or you can also use some other method like recording, step recording feature to share your screen in windows 10 with others.

Question 3: What Is the Best Screen Sharing Software

Answer: We don’t recommend that you use Screen Sharing /recording software to share a windows 10 screen with someone. You can use inbuilt Quick Assist tool to share your Windows 10 screen. If you want to use some software then my personal favorite is Team Viewer

Question 4: How I Can Capture Screenshot in My Window’s 10 PC

Answer: If you want to only capture screenshots in your windows 10 pc and want to share with others then easily press the Windows + Prt sc button together to capture whole screen. Press the Windows+Shift+S key together to capture selected screen. Even you can also use Snip tool to capture screen in windows 10.


I hope these methods will help you to Share Screen in windows 10 in best possible ways. Some people are confused with Screen Share and Screen mirroring so both are different things. In next article, we will share Screen mirroring software with you. That’s all for today. Please keep reading at and share this article with others.

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