How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on Messenger

Everyone on internet these days using social media websites like twitter and Facebook. Some of them use as daily basis to chat their friends, group call, or share update as well. But some time due to memory issue or personal issues we delete all conversation of Facebook messenger. We all know that everyone have their own dark secrets and they share with friends on social media.

If your friends also share their secrets with you and by accidentally you deleted these conversion but now you want to get them back. Don’t worry today in this article you surely know about how to recover permanently deleted Facebook messages.

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Read below steps to fond out if you can restore deleted chats and messages in Facebook. You can look for copies of your Facebook deleted message and stay safe from these type loss of data in future. So, without wasting time lets get started.

What Does Facebook Says About Permanent Deleted Facebook Messages Recovery?

First, before trying any method we started to search these question on Facebook help and find that this is possible or not. We find many replies on this question here are few of them.

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Method 1: Find a Copy of the Deleted Message via Unarchive Method

We all know that sometimes we archive Facebook messages instead of deleting if you are also done via archive you can recover Facebook messages from archive method follow these steps

Step 1: Open Facebook Messenger App from PC or Phone

Step 2: From Search Bar Open your friend conversation which you think deleted.

Step 3:  Now Send Some message again to your friend like Hi, Hello

Step 4: Now you will see the recent message you will see the option to unarchive

That’s all this will help you to retrieve your permanently deleted messages on messenger if this method not work for you try the below method.

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Method 2: Download Your All Facebook Data to Find and Recover Permanently deleted Facebook Message

This method will help you to retrieve your deleted Facebook messages easily please follow these steps to find out how to restore permanently deleted messages on messenger.

Step 1: Login to Facebook Profile

Step 2:  Open Settings

Download your facebook inforation

Step 3: Click on your Facebook Information and Find Download Your Information

Step 4: Click on View and Choose Messages only

select your messages to download

Step 5: Now Choose Date Range and File as HTML and Click on Create File

Click on create file facebook message

Step 6:  Now you will see “A copy of your information is being created.” Message

Step 7: Once your file ready for download you will notify via notification

Step 8: Download Your File and Extract it

Step 9: Now Find Messages chat in downloaded data

That’s all these steps help to find your all deleted Facebook messages. This method only shows recent deleted messages if you are looking for messages older then a year then try different method.

Method 3: Recover Permanently Deleted Facebook Messages Via Third Party Apps

This method is little tricky like you can recover all your deleted files, photos etc. from PC with best data recovery software. Now you can also recover all your deleted Facebook messages with third party Facebook messages recovery tools. These tools are paid, and they don’t offer free trials, so you need to purchase them to restore your all deleted Facebook messenger messages

First, you need a tool which can help to restore your messenger messages there are few tools like Stellar Data Recovery for Android, Wonder Share Data Recovery Tool For android and iPhone etc.

You can choose on basis of their price and ratings. Once you done with purchase install the software and give all necessary permission. You also need to connect your phone to PC to retrieve permanently deleted Facebook messages.

Method 4: Recover on Android with File Explorer Method

If you are using android phone you can try this method to recover all your deleted Facebook messages easily. File Explorer method only works with android users.

Step 1: Open File Explorer App on your Android Phone

Step 2: Open Android Folder >> Data>> Cache>> fb_temp

Step 3: Now Restore your temp file to Facebook messenger app

Step 4: Now Check you will find your all deleted Facebook messages here.

That’s all for today’s topic How to Recover permanently deleted Facebook messages if all above method doesn’t work for you please tell us in the comment section below, we will come with another option to help you out in Facebook messages recovery. If you like this post, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all latest tech updates.

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