How to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac

There are many users currently switching from windows to Mac and due to some technical difficulty’s users, sometime accidently delete photos or important data on Mac. So today in this article we discuss about if you also delete your photos on mac and want to get back them here are the process.

There are plenty of apps and tools available for mac users who can help to recover lost photos on mac. If you are not in mood to install any apps there are some DIY methods also for photo recovery on mac. So, without wasting your time lets start to recover deleted photos on mac.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos on Mac – DIY Manual Method

Method 1: Using Photos App

You can recover your recently deleted photos on mac by using photos app. These steps also available on official help guide section

Step 1: Open Photos App on Mac and click recently deleted item in sidebar

Step 2: Select all the photos if available which you deleted recently

Step 3: Now Simple just click on restore and all the photos will restore in desired location.

Method 2: Check Trash or Bin for photos

Sometime we just press the delete button and these photos move to the bin you can recover photos on mac from bin by following these steps

Step 1: Open Bin from launchpad

Step 2: Choose your photos from bin because there are many other items also in bin

Step 3: Click on restore button and enjoy

Method 3: Restore photos on mac using iCloud backup

This method depends on users’ settings if you are using iCloud storage and regularly backup your photos on cloud then you can restore from iCloud. We also confirm that iCloud free storage is only 5GB so may be your storage full and you can’t backup more photos.

using icloud on mac to recover photos from cloud

Here is the process to restore photos from iCloud

Step 1: Open iCloud by visiting

Step 2: Visit photos section here

Step 3: Now you’re all of photos will load one by one it depends on your internet connectivity

Step 4: Choose your photos and download them to your local machine

That’s all these above 4 methods will help you to restore deleted photos on mac if you accidently deleted them. But Wait what about if you deleted photos few days back or accidently format or reset your MacBook/Mac machine then you need sometime amazing for this.

We are here to help you in that case. Some amazing photo recovery apps for mac did this work very well and restore your all-deleted photos on mac. No matter which method you used to delete them or how many days before you delete them. Even some apps can restore deleted photos from crash hard drive also but you need some technical guide help for this.

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How to Recover Photos on Mac Using Best Photo Recovery Apps for Mac

Here is the list of 3 best photo recovery software for Mac users which are compatible for BigSur to MacOS 10.7 check out these apps to recover lost photos on mac.

1. Stellar Mac Photo Recovery App

Stellar is leading brand for recovery software. Stellar Mac Photo recovery app can recover all the deleted photos along with videos, and music files also. You can simply install the application and recover all lost photos from Mac.

Stellar Photos Recovery for Mac

There are plenty of reason to lost photos on mac but this stellar photo recovery is last resort for your photos recovery on mac here are the few feature of this amazing software

  • Recover photos, videos and even music files
  • Can recover photos from corrupt hard drive also
  • Easily restore photos with original timestamp and name
  • Supporting MacOS bigsur, Catalina, Mojave, and older versions
  • Can recover photos from Mac mini, MacBook pro, MacBook air, Mac Pro, iMac and latest MacBook M1 chip
  • All Photos format supported: JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PSD, EPS etc.

Download Stellar Mac Photo Recovery Software Here

2 EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

Again, another leading brand in recovery EaseUs software best photo recovery tool Data recovery Wizard for mac can recover all deleted photos from mac.  This software already used by millions of people on mac and they are recovering there all deleted data from this tool.

EaseUS Data recover wizard for Mac photo recovery

From Ease US data recovery wizard for mac, you can also recover some other files like, audio, office document and videos also. This software works on three steps only follow the process to recover deleted photos on mac

Step 1: Download and install the EaseUs data recovery wizard

Step 2: Start automated scan for recovery

Step 3: all recover photos will display preview them and choose what you want to recover

Step 4: Just click on restore button and all of your photos in your local drive again.

Download EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard for Mac

3. Disk Drill for Mac

Disk drill is best data recovery app for mac users it can recover deleted photos on mac from lost partition, corrupt hard drive or any other situation.  Disk Drill also works on internal storage and external storage. You can recover your photos from hard drives, USB drives and Micro SD card too.

Disk Drill for Mac to recover deleted photos

Currently Disk Drill update the application and now even you can recover photos signature in same format too. This tool fast scan engine will scan for lost photos recovery in seconds and show your deleted photos with preview so you can choose what photos need to be recover.

The worst part for this application is that it also shows sometimes thumbnail and system files so finding the actual photos tedious sometime. But still the is the best photo recovery software for mac users.

Download Disk Drill for Mac here


If you also lost your photos accidently and want to get back them again then this article is for you. There are manual methods also to recover lost photos on mac but these methods only work if you delete them recently. If your photos permanently deleted and not in even bin location them, we strongly recommended using best photo recovery apps for mac.

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There are many apps and software for photo recovery on mac but we choose just 3 best photo recovery software for mac. So, you can choose easily. Stellar, EaseUs and Disk Drill all three software to recover lost photos on mac work fine. We test them on scanning time, recover process, price, and quality of photos after recovery. So, you can use them with 100% of recovery chances.

Let us know in the comment section which photo recovery software for mac you are using or what extra features you need in a good photo recovery app for mac.  If you love this article then don’t forget to share with your friends and family members so they can also recover their photos on mac.

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