How to Record Screen on Mac with Audio

If you want to record screen on mac with audio then this article helpful for you. You can easily make a video recording of entire screen or choose selected portion of screen. To do this you don’t need any third-party application because apple quick time player or you can choose apple screenshot toolbar. Recording mac screen with audio is not a difficult task even you are not a mac user.

Sometime user wants screen record mac with internal audio so its not possible with mac screen tool bar option but you can record your entire screen with internal audio via quick time player. We know that recording screen on mac is really tough task and we need it very badly. Like to record some function on mac to send someone or if you are video editor then you need it for many purposes.

Without wasting your time let’s start the process of how to record screen on mac with audio.

How to Record Screen on Mac with Audio

Method 1: Using Quick Time Player

You can record or capture screen with internal audio mic using quick time player. Make sure you are using the latest version of quick time player if not installed then download it from here

Step 1: Open Quick Time Player from Application List

Step 2: Then Choose File> New Screen Recording from Menu

new screen recording mac with quick time player

Step 3: Now new window will open for screen recording settings

Step 4: Click on Red record icon to start recording of your screen

quick time screen recorder mac with audio

Step 5: Before start recording near red icon click on arrow icon for more option like mouse click, microphone settings

Step 6: Now you can start recording of your mac screen with internal audio. You can even adjust audio during recording.

There is multiple variation in your screen recording like you want to show some action while click on screen like black dot then need to enable mouse click in recording describe above in step 5.  When you done with your recording and want to stop then just press the command – control – esc key together or you can also press the stop icon in menu bar.

When you done with your screen recording on mac with quick time player it will open the recording and you can edit, play or share your recording with other easily.

Also, that your recorded screen on mac with audio using quick time player will save automatically after you stop the recording button with the name of screen recording and current date at file.

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Method 2: Using Screenshot toolbar

“Note: Screenshot toolbar option is only available on MacOS Mojave or later version only”

Record the entire screen of Mac with Screenshot toolbar

Step 1: Press the Shift + Command + 5 Key together to open screenshot toolbar

Step 2: Click on Screen record button middle in the control.

start record mac screen with screenshot toolbar

Step 3: Now new record button will show click on it or you can also click anywhere on the screen to start the recording

click on record button in screenshot toolbar

Step 4: Record your part of screen which you want when you need to stop recording just press Command-Control-Esc key together to stop recording

That’s all check your recording you can do trim, edit, share as you want with this recording.

Recording Selected part of screen

If you want to record only selected part of screen like you want to record some product tutorial then use this method to record selected part of screen with screenshot toolbar.

Step 1: Open Screenshot toolbar by pressing Shift + Command + 5 key together

Step 2: Now press the selection icon with record symbol near record icon

selected screen recording on mac

Step 3: Drag the mouse and select the area which you want to record

Step 4: If you want to move the entire selection then just drag withing the selection

Step 5: Click on Screenshot screen record button and start recording your selection part of screen on mac

click on record button in screenshot toolbar

Step 6: Now Click on stop button or press Command -control-esc key to stop recording.

So, from these steps you can record selected part of screen easily. After you stop recording your video will save automatically and a thumbnail of your video will appear on lower right corner of your screen, click on it and trim, edit, share your recording with others.

These both ways quick time screen recorder and record your mac screen with screenshot toolbar works better in Mojave and later MacOS. You can record your mac screen with audio for free from the help of these tools.

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If you are new and want to explore Mac Screenshot toolbar here are the quick feature and setting option of mac screenshot toolbar

  • You can change your default save location of recording from choosing option in menu
  • Even you can start your recording with timer like 5 seconds and 10 seconds
  • If you want to record your voice too use microphone and choose form option
  • You can also show mouse click in black circle while choose option near record button in quick time player

I hope this article will help you to understand how to record screen on mac with audio. If you need anything else please let us know in the comment section below to know more best screen recorder software for mac click here.

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