How to Know Who Unfollowed You on Instagram (1)

Everyone is now on Instagram and used it for photo sharing upload stories or want to know regular update about favorite celebrities.  If you noticed on your Instagram account, many times you find that every day you get notification about someone follows you, but your follower count is still same. If this problem is with you its mean someone unfollowed, you on Instagram after following back by you.

We know that when someone follows you, you checked their profile and follow them. Now some of user just want to increase their followers so when someone follow back, they unfollow instantly.  Here we are listed few tips to check if someone unfollowed you on Instagram.

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Now you can find how many your followers unfollow you in last 30 days or more.  We all know that there is no manual way to find who unfollowed you on Instagram. Here are the few apps to find out who unfollowed me on Instagram.

How to know if someone unfollowed you on Instagram

Method 1: Try Manual Way

We Know that this is time consuming task to manually find who unfollowed you on Instagram but if you want to try this method follow these steps

Step 1: Login to Instagram

Step 2: Now tap on your profile

Step 3: Tap on followers

Step 4: Now check all followers and following people

Step 5: Now find those profile which you follow but they don’t follow back you now. Its mean maybe they unfollow you.

I hope these steps will help you to find who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Method 2: Try Unfollowed Apps on Instagram

This method will 100% work to find who unfollowed me on Instagram. You can download any best unfollowed apps for Instagram and check it easily.

 App 1: Followers Analyzer for Instagram – Follower Tracker

Follower Analyzer for Instagram (1)

This app is available on play store to find who unfollowed you on Instagram.  Follower tracker is the best app with Easy UI and navigation. Just download this app and login with Instagram. Now it will process your Instagram report and generate reports for you to view who visited your profile, or who unfollowed you on Instagram.

With this app you can track all Instagram activities like who blocked you on Instagram or many others. It also shares your profile analytics where you can find all data related to your profile

Download Followers Analyzer for Instagram

App 2  – Reports+ Followers Analytics for Instagram

This app Reports and Followers Analytics for Instagram is available for both iPhone and Android Device. If you are using iPhone and want to know who unfollowed me on Instagram try this app to use this app follow the below steps

Reports+ Followers Analytics for Instagram (1)

Step 1: Installed the app from Play Store on App Store

Step 2: Login with Instagram and give all necessary permission

Step 3: Now Pull down from top to refresh all the data in app.

Step 4: After refreshing immediately it will show to tab follower gain and follower lost tab. If your count increase in follower lost tab its mean someone unfollow you on Instagram

Step 5: Here also two another tab Followers I don’t follow back and followers not following me back you can see additional data here.

So, hope both are these apps Report + and Followers Analyzer both app is useful to track who unfollowed you on Instagram. Sometime these apps not showing proper data, so we recommended that you need to wait to update app data.

Before using these app please read all terms and condition of the app because they access your all Instagram data. If you want to know more about Instagram tips and tricks, please write us in comment section below. To stay updated from latest tech news and tech tips follow us on Facebook & Twitter.

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