realtek audio not working in windows 10

Common audio problem in any pc causes many issues and prevent many problems for normal windows users. You must notice that your windows 10 PC/laptop comes with default Realtek audio configuration but some time Realtek audio not working in windows 10 and you need to fix it.

We know that these simple audio problems prevent you to enjoying many things in your pc and disturbed you from work. Generally, Realtek high-definition audio drivers are pre-installed in your pc but it doesn’t mean that they are free from errors or issues.

Simply we can fix this issue by updating Realtek audio driver but this is not only the solution first you need to troubleshoot the exact problem then we come up with proper solution here are the fixes for Realtek audio not working in windows 10.

Common issues for High-Definition Audio device not working

  1. Missing Audio manager icon in windows 10

If you recently update your windows 10 to the newer version then may be possible that your audio manager icon not present in task bar because some of your driver not installed correctly

  1. Conflict with another Microsoft driver

There are common issue and known issue that sometime Realtek audio driver conflict with Microsoft preinstalled driver in that case you need to run your pc in safe mode.

  1. Output Device changed in background

Sometime we use different audio device in pc/laptop like headphone, speaker etc. and they set as default so your computer default audio not working and you face issue with Realtek audio driver.

  1. Audio Service not responding

If your Realtek HD audio driver working and still no audio in your PC might be issue with audio service. Check that audio service is responding or not. You can simply open task bar and restart the audio service to fix this issue.

Above mention issue are common issue for Realtek audio not working in windows 10. For detail fix for this problem lest try the several methods listed below.

Method 1:  Update Realtek Audio Driver using Driver Updater Tool

Best option to fix any driver related problem is update the windows driver with best driver updater tool. There are multiple driver updater tools available in the market you can choose as you want. We also write 10 best driver updater tool you can checkout blog here.  Or simply follow the below steps with IObit driver booster to update Realtek audio driver easily.

Step 1: Download and install IObit driver booster from here

Step 2: Now Scan for all outdated driver and select the proper Realtek audio driver to update

scan for drivers iobit driver

Step 3: click on update driver it will download. Install and update driver within a minute

Step 4: for better performance and easily impact changes restart your pc once.

That’s all these steps help to download Realtek audio driver and fix your problem with Realtek audio driver.

If above steps not solved your problem then you can try some other methods too. Check out the different method for fixing Realtek audio not working in windows 10.

Method 2: Restarting Windows Audio Service.

Sometime there are all driver updated and you still unable to figure out what the issue behind Realtek audio not working in windows 10, 11. So we can try this fix like restarting windows audio service to do this follow the below steps

Step 1: Open services by pressing Windows + R key then services.msc

Step 2: Find Windows Audio service

Step 3: Noe finds the restart button for service show in screenshot below

restart audio service

Step 4: After restarting service right click on windows audio service and click on properties

Step 5: Now Choose Start-up type as automatic and apply the changes

audio service auto

That’s all for see the changes early restart your pc once.

I hope these methods will fix the issue which you face in Realtek audio not working in windows 10. Many users don’t want to download any software to install the driver so we also share some other/manual way to download and update the driver in windows 10/11 PC.

Method 3: Updating driver from Device Manager

If you are not in mood to update your Realtek audio driver from above listed method then don’t worry here are some other tweak from device manager and you can update all drivers easily.

Step 1: Open Device manager settings by search device manager in search bar

Step 2: Now Click on sound, video, game control

Step 3: Now expend it and choose Realtek audio Conexant ISST audio and right click on it

Step 4: click on update driver button

Step 5: Now it will ask you to search online or share path for downloaded files choose search online

Step 6: Now it will search online available latest driver and update in your PC easily.

Some time these steps not work and every time it shows that all drivers already updated to the latest version. So that’s why we recommended that you could use best driver updater software to update your drivers for free.


There are many other solutions also available to fix Realtek sound not working in windows 10 but we only share two method like updating driver and restarting audio services. I hope these methods will help you to fix your issue and you can enjoy great sound experience in your pc.

We always recommended that don’t do any technical changes like editing the registry files, working with CMD to use unwanted commands because if you are not the tech expert then you can loss all of your data from pc.

So always take help from expert before doing any changes or take some help from software to automate your work in windows 10 and 11 version

I hope this article will help you to fix sound not working in windows 10 due to Realtek audio driver problem. If you still need any help let us know in the comment section below and don’t forget to share this truly helpful information with your friends and family members.

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