How to Fix Mouse Lag, Slow Response, Freezes, Stutters in Windows 10

Are you working on windows 10? If yes, then this blog post for you. I am using windows 10 from last 2 year and suddenly faces issues in mouse. I noticed that after 3-4-hour work on my PC my mouse response slowly and lag many times. I know I am not along who facing such issues there are multiple person who also face same issue while using windows 10.

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Generally, we can fix mouse lag problem in windows 10 just updating mouse driver/USB driver if you are using touchpad then simply update touchpad driver. In 80% cases updating the driver can fix slow mouse response issue, but what about rest 20% cases. So, if you tried updating driver but still face mouse freezes issue then this blog just for you read this blog till end and you will get your solution.

Solve Mouse Lag, Stutters Issue in Windows 10

There is multiple method to fix slow mouse lag issue try as per your requirement.

1. Enable/ Disable Scroll Inactive Windows

To Enable scroll inactive windows, follow these steps

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Devices >> Mouse Touchpad.
  2. Now Find the Scroll Inactive Windows option and just disable/enable it.

    enable disable mouse touchpad in windows 10 to fix slow mouse

  3. Try Disabling or enabling this option can fix slow mouse lag issue in windows 10.

2. Set Touchpad to No Delay

You can also improve mouse performance by set touchpad to no delay option here are the fixes

  1. Navigate to Settings >> Devices >> Mouse Touchpad.
  2. Now Find the Touchpad section and set the delay to no delay.

    change toucpad setting to speedup mouse performance

3. Disabling NVIDIA High Definition Audio Driver

Most of user claimed that NVIDIA high definition audio driver can face issue. To fix these issues you can just simply disable Nvidia high definition driver to fix slow mouse lag issue in windows 10. Follow these steps to fixes:

  1. Uninstall GeForce Experience app.
  2. Now go to device manager and locate NVIDIA High Definition audio
  3. Now Right Click it and choose to disable.

This option only works those system which are using NVIDIA graphic card. If you are not NVIDIA user, then try another method to fix slow response mouse issue.

4. Disabling Fast Startup in Windows 10

Many users are using fast startup in windows 10 to load faster. This feature is useful to save your windows 10 boot time, but many users reported that by disabling this feature help to fix mouse freezing issue in windows 10. To do this follow these steps.

  1. Open Control Panel by Pressing Windows Key + S
  2. Choose Power Option >> Choose What Power Button Can Do
  3. Now Click on change settings that are currently unavailable
  4. Now Unchecked Turn on fast startup and click on save changes.

    turn of fast startup in windows 10 to fix mouse not working issue in windows 10

So now Disabling fast startup, the issue should be resolved your mouse lag issue and will be work normally again.

5. Installing Official Mouse Driver

So, we already discuss this method in starting you can easily install your compatible mouse driver to fix mouse lag problem in windows 10. If drivers are already installed, then try to re-install again. If you are unaware about how to install driver on windows 10 PC, please let us know we also write a blog on it. Or you can find any driver update software online use them and download official mouse driver in your PC.

I hope these steps will help you to fix Mouse Lag problem in Windows 10 PC. If still your mouse responds slow and unable to perform fast, please let us know exact issue in comment section we will help you in that case.

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