How to Fix Esc Key Not Working in Windows 10

Esc key is very useful key in any keyboard to cancel running process or sometime you accidently click on any link, document and want to cancel it just press the esc key and it will do the rest. But sometime we noticed that esc key not working properly in that case there are multiple reason behind it lets discuss one by one to fix esc key not working issue in windows 10.

Fix Esc Key Not Working in Windows 10

Method 1: Update Keyboard Drive to Fix Esc Key Not Working

Sometime may be reason behind this your keyboard driver not up to date so updating keyboard driver can fix the issue. So, let’s start process to update keyboard driver to fix escape key not working issue.

Step 1: Download IObit Driver Booster from here

iobit driver booster for keyboard drive

Step 2: Now Run the application and check for outdated driver

Step 3: It will scan automatically and update all of your outdated driver including keyboard driver

Step 4: Now restart the PC and check esc key is working or not.

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Method 2: Use Shift+ Esc Key together

Sometime in specific app Esc key was not worked properly but you can use Esc key with Shift key then it will work fine. Some of manufacturer have change the pattern of use Esc key in that devices to work with Shift key. So, try with Shift+Esc key together

It will solve the problem to esc key not working if you still face the issue try the different method listed below.

Method 3: Check for recent installed Software

Sometime we installed some software which can trouble to run esc key properly so better is try to uninstall recent installed software to do this follow the steps

Step 1: Open Add or Remove programs

Step 2: Now Sort by Them Install Date

uninstall software to chekc esc key problem

Step 3: Now Click on recent date software and uninstall it

Step 4: Restart the PC to Affect the changes

That’s all now try Esc key if its still not working then may be some other issue lets come to another fixes

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Method 4: Turn on Filter Key to Work properly Esc Key in windows 10

Sometime enabling filter keys in windows 10 can fix this issue let’s try this

Step 1: Open Ease of Access Keyboard Setting just type in search bar windows 10

Step 2: Now Scroll down to use Filter Key

Step 3: Enable Filter key option

turn on filter key for esc key not working

Step 4: That’s All now restart your PC to check Esc key working or not.

That’s all I hope this time Esc key not working in windows 10 will fix now.

If you still face the issue Esc key not working then may be some other issue try to change your keyboard first or contact to your device manufacture about this issue.

Some Other Specific Program Issue Fixes for Esc key not Working

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Fix Esc Key Not Working in Excel

If you are frequently user of excel then esc key must be important key to run any shortcut or cancel command to fix this issue try the below hack

Step 1: Go into BIOS,

Step 2: Now Turn off the splash screen.

Step 3: Reboot the system and see if the ESC key stops the RAM counting now check the Esc Key again

Esc Key not Working in Games like WOW

World of warcraft if you also playing this game then probably you also face the issue esc key not working in wow try these fixes first.

  • Disabling All Addons in WOW
  • Check third party application recently installed
  • Using /reload command in World of Warcraft game
  • Try to Reinstall WOW game again to fix Esc key not working

Esc key not Working in AutoCAD and Telly ERP 9 Software

There are plenty of reason to not work esc key in AutoCAD and Telly ERP 9 software may be possible that your hardware malfunction or may be corrupt profile in AutoCAD to fix follow the steps below

  • Disconnect and reconnect your keyboard again in different USB port
  • Disconnect other USB connected devices
  • Try to test On Screen Keyboard once
  • Reset AutoCAD and Telly ERP 9 software to default settings

Esc key not Working in Lenovo, HP, and Dell Company laptop

Sometime this problem specifically to hardware manufactures so in that case you need to update your hardware driver.

To Update hardware driver in Dell Laptop, HP Laptop and Lenovo laptop just follow the Method 1 listed in the article above with iOBit driver Booster


I hope these solution and method to fix esc key not working in windows 7,8 and 10 will work in your scenario. We wrote down here multiple method because every user has a different problem so we list down multiple solution here. If all of them not working in your case and you still facing escape key not working in your laptop or PC then please write in the comment section about your hardware and software configuration our tech expert will help to find the soliton.

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