Every day you checked out more the 100 people status from your contacts. Most people use WhatsApp Status feature to share their memories and feelings with friends. This popular WhatsApp status feature was live in 2017. When someone your friends put awesome video on status then you want to save or download WhatsApp status video.

Main problem from WhatsApp status is that no one can save video or photos. In case of picture you can take screenshot and later edit them to use easily. But for video there are no option for WhatsApp status video download. If you really want videos in your phone, then need to ask the uploaded person to send video file. But here you don’t need to worry we are going to tell you some amazing tricks so you can easily save WhatsApp status video and photos directly in your phone memory.

Please follow these simple steps for WhatsApp status download and believe me you no need to download any other apps for status video download. By following this quickly trick you can save WhatsApp status video and photos.

Steps to WhatsApp Status Video/Picture Download

Step 1: Open your phone file manager application (if not download any file manager app from play store)

Step 2: Now navigate to WhatsApp folder

whatsapp folder in file manager

Step 3: Tap on Media folder

click on whatsapp media

Step 4: Now Click on 3 dots on top right corner

Step 5: find option to show hidden files

show hidden files in file manager in android phone

Step 6: Tap on Show hidden files and turn on show files

Step 7: Now you will see the new folder .statuses

open statuses folder

Step 8: Open this folder here you can find all the picture and videos which are uploaded by your friends.

Step 9: Now click on any media and move or copy to desired folder.

Pro Tip: Make sure you copy these videos and photos to save WhatsApp status video from this .statuses folder media will automatically disappear after 24 hours of uploading.

So, I hope these tips help to save WhatsApp status video in your phone memory. These tips only work for android smartphone users. If you are using iPhone, then this option will not work for you. You need to download some other app called WhatsApp++ to save WhatsApp status video. But we don’t recommend this option for iPhone user.  Just wait for any update from official WhatsApp you soon will be download WhatsApp status video. If you want to know how to save WhatsApp status video in iPhone tell us in comment section below, we will guide via how to install WhatsApp++ app and how to use it for save WhatsApp status video.

Note: all steps and screenshot based on Samsung galaxy series smartphone these steps almost same in every smartphone may be you find with different name. If you face any issue please comment your phone model we will guide with them also.

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