How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Are you using your smartphone all the time and surfing Instagram on it? Instagram recently releases reels feature and its really addictive so if you want to quit Instagram then you can simply delete Instagram account temporary or permanently with these below steps.

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On these times social media addiction is really not good for health many of us use whole the time phone and watch videos and other things on Instagram.  You can check your Instagram activity that how many times you use this app in digital wellbeing option in android phone. Follow below steps to disable your Instagram account easily.

How to Delete Instagram Account

To delete Instagram account you can perform this task on any device like desktop/mobile or etc..

Step 1: Visit to this page click here

why you delete instagram

Step 2: Now it will ask you to reason to delete your account choose your reason

choose reason to delete instagram account

Step 3: Now it will ask for your Instagram password please enter and procced to next step

confirm deleting your instagram account

Step 4: Now your account will be deleted and can’t recover it.

Once you hit the delete your account button your account can’t be restore and all of your data from Instagram will deleted in 30 days only. Some time it takes 90 days to complete the deletion process of your account.

If you have some important data in your account them download copy of your data by clicking here.

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How to Delete Instagram Account Permanently

Delete Instagram account from above process is permanent. When you choose to delete your account and enter password to delete it will be deleting permanently. Like some other social websites like Facebook, twitter allows user to get back their account easily after deleting but in Instagram you can’t recover your deleted account. But you can make new account from same email id or phone number but old username can’t be yours now.

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How to Temporary Disable Instagram Account

If you want to temporary disable your Instagram account then your profile, photos, videos, reels will be hidden until you reactivate your Instagram account.  To do this you need to visit Instagram on any computer or mobile browser. From App you cant do this.

Step 1: Login to Instagram from your computer or mobile browser

Step 2: Click on profile picture and edit your profile

temporary disable instagram account

Step 3: Then Scroll down to bottom and click on temporary disable my account in bottom right

Step 4: Now Choose option because you disable your account like take a break from Instagram then re-enter your password.

temp disable account instagram

Step 5: Now Click on temporary disable account.

These steps will help you to temporary disable your Instagram account and you can take a break easily.

Instagram currently has 1 billion active user who produce content like videos, reels, IGTV videos, photos and many others. Instagram in top 6 social media websites and really addictive for anyone.

If you want to limit your Instagram app usages then you can take help from digital wellbeing apps and set app limit usages. Like set your Instagram App limit to 30 minutes only in a day it will help you to reduce your time on Instagram and you can easily do the other social works.

I hope these steps will help you to temporary disable your Instagram account and you can focus on your work or study much better. If you need any other kind of help related to your Instagram account please tell us in the comment section below.

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