how to delete duplicate photos on mac

Photos are the precious memory of our life and we store them carefully in our system, backup drive, or somewhere else. But sometime we copied or backup same photos multiple time and this process takes unnecessary space on our mac. Here we are talk about how to delete duplicate photos on mac.

What Are Duplicate & Similar Photos

So first we need to understand what are duplicate photos and how they created. So, when we click photos from our smartphone, DSLR camera we click multiple photos on same time to get best shot for our special moment.

Clicking multiple shots of same moment cause similar and duplicate photos and we didn’t delete them because they are witness of our special moment like birthday, anniversary or some other occasion.

But these unnecessary photos take extra space on drive and cause the full storage space on mac machine.

How to Delete Duplicate Photos on Mac

There are multiple methods to delete duplicate and similar photos on mac you can try as you want. Here we are sharing manual method for first to delete similar pictures on mac.

Method 1: Manual Method to Delete Duplicate pictures on Mac

So, first of all if you decided to delete duplicate and similar images on mac then try out this manual method but its longer process and take unnecessary time.

Step 1: First of all, move your all of photos in single folder on Mac like Photos, All Photos etc.

Step 2: Now Sort your all photos from Date order

Step 3: Now you need to check all photos one by one and choose which photos need to keep and which photos need to be deleted.

That’s all now you can choose manually which photos need to be keep and which photos need to be deleted.  But this process is taking more time and you will be irritated to delete photos manually. And suppose if you accidently deleted some of your photos then it will be disaster for you. So, for a safer side we recommended you try another method write down below using a tool.

Method 2:  Using Tool Duplicate Photos Cleaner

If you are looking for a free tool which can help you to delete duplicate picture on mac for free then try out this amazing utility for free. Duplicate Photos Cleaner available on mac app store and easily detect all the duplicate photos on your mac photo library. Let’s start the process.

Step 1: Install Duplicate Photos Cleaner from Mac App Store for Free Click here for link

Step 2: After installing run it for first scan
photos duplicate cleaner

Step 3: Add your Photos or Folder for duplicate scan

Step 4: After adding photos it will be scan for all duplicate photos from selected location

Step 5: Now it will show the result click on auto mark and delete duplicate photos

Step 6: Trash all the duplicate photos and wow! Now your Mac is duplicate photos free.

These steps will help you to understand the tool and how it helps you to delete duplicate photos on mac. If you are not satisfied with this Photos Duplicate Cleaner here, we are also having list of best duplicate photo finder for mac and you can choose anyone of them.

Let us know in the comment section how you clean your duplicate photos on mac and which method you preferred for this. If you have any question please let us know in the comment section below.

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