How to Clear Cache in Windows PC

Its really important to clear cache in windows pc timely to smoothly running your windows pc.  Clear cache in pc can help to improve your pc performance and also help to declutter your system.  There are multiple ways to clear cache in windows 10 like by help on any tool or disk clean-up tool or some other way so without wasting your time lets start the process to clear cache windows 10 here.

How to Clear Cache in Laptop/Windows PC

Method 1: Use Disk Clean-up Tool to Clear Cache PC

First of all, you can use Disk Clean-up tool to clean cache and temporary files to clean your cache in windows 10 & 11. To do this follow the steps

Step 1: Open Disk Clean-up tool by searching disk clean-up in search bar

disk cleanup windows

Step 2: Choose preferred driver like C

Step 3: Now it will scan for temp file and show the result.

clear files using disk cleanup tool

Step 4: Choose temp file, program file, cache and recycle bin to free up space

Step 5: Click on OK to delete files and free up space on windows PC by removing cache in windows 10.

Method 2: Using Storage Manager tool

Step 1: Search Storage settings and open the storage settings option

Step 2: Now choose temporary file section to free up space or removing cache and other data from C drive

storage manager tool

Step 3: Now it will calculate the space and show the space to be free by deleting file and cache data

Step 4: Delete files and free up space in windows 10

These steps will remove extra data or unused data from your system and free up storage in windows pc.

Method 3: Using Temp file option

Step 1: Open Run by Pressing Windows+ R key together

open temp files

Step 2: Type %temp% and open temp folder

Step 3: Now Press CTRL+A together to select all files and folders

select temp files

Step 4: Press the Delete Key and delete all the cached data from here.

deleting temp files

This will help to delete cached data and temporary files in any version of windows operating system. By deleting cache file and temporary files you can speed up your system performance easily.

If you are not in mood to do the manual task to remove these set of files and cache data then you can try some other tool to remove cache and temporary files easily. There are multiple tools like CCleaner, IObit System care etc. which can help you to remove cache files from your system.

Method 4: Clear Cache and Temp Data with IObit Advanced System Care 14

Step 1: Download and Install IObit Advanced System Care 14 from here.

Step 2: After installing it Run Scan using advanced AI mode

scan for junk files iobit system care

Step 3: Now it will scan for all temp and cache item and show the results

summary result for junk files

Step 4: Click on fix issue and free up space easily.

fix junk file cleaner iobit systemcare

These are the methods help you to free up space in windows 10 and also help to clear cache in windows 10.  But what about browser cache because most of time we done our work online and browser store almost every website cache. It will store all temp file data and slow down the browser work.

To do this now follow the steps below to clean browser cache in windows 10.

Clear Browser cache and Cookies file in Windows 10

1. In Chrome Browser

To delete cache and cookies data in chrome browser follow these steps

Step 1: Open Chrome browser

Step 2: Press Ctrl+Shift+Delete button together

Step 3: Now click on advanced button and choose time period All time.

Step 4: Check the item you want to delete exclude browser history and app data

Step 5: Click on clear data that’s all. It will remove all chrome browser cache and cookies file.

2. In Edge Browser

Step 1: In edge browser simply open edge browser

Step 2: Click on Settings and choose cookies and site permission

Step 3: click on manage and delete site data

Step 4:  Click on See All cookies and site data and click on remove all.

Now it will take few second and delete all the cookies and cache of your Microsoft edge browser.

3. In Firefox Browser:

Step 1: Open Firefox browser and click on 3 lines to visit settings

Step 2: Now Click on privacy and security

Step 3: Click on cookies and site data and click on clear data

Step 4: now check cookies and cached web content both option

Step 5: click on clear button and remove all cache and cookies from Firefox Mozilla browser.

4. Safari Browser

Step 1: Open safari browser and click on safari menu

Step 2: Now click on history and click on clear all

That’s all your safari browser history and other data cleared successfully.

5. Opera Browser:

To do this follow the below steps

Step 1: Open Opera browser and press CTRL+ H Key together

Step 2: Click on Clear Browsing data in top right corner

Step 3: Select Cookies and Cached Data only to delete

Step 4: Click on Clear Data and you’re done.

These above steps help you to clean your browser data like cookies, cache files and other history in different kind of browser. There are two benefit for this. First you can clean unnecessary data and free up lots of space in your browser and secondly deleted these files timely also help to secure your accounts.


Deleting cache and temp files regularly help you to optimize your PC like new. Cache and temp file store lots of data and also take storage space. By deleting these files, you can get lots of space also. There are too many ways to clear cache in windows but we recommended that you use IObit advanced system care to free up space and clear cache in windows pc. This tool helps you to done all task with advanced AI mode and your PC also in safe hand.

Please let us know in the comment section if you are using some other utility and why you this this tool best to clean your pc.

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