How to Access iCloud Drive on Android Smartphone

iCloud is backbone of apple devices. If you are using and iPhone then must be all of your data like contact, notes, pictures, settings are stored in iCloud storage and sync across the devices. Did you know that you can easily access your iCloud account on any apple device? But if you are non-apple device holder and want to access iCloud then it must be difficult but don’t worry, we have solution for you to use iCloud on android smartphone too.

We all know that Apple have some limitation and don’t play well on non-apple devices. So, we still don’t have any android application for iCloud but other side like Google Drive, One drive available across all the devices like Apple, Android, Windows etc.

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Why You Need iCloud Access on Android Smartphone

SO simple my question is that if you have iCloud account and stored your important data its mean you owned an apple device. So why someone need to access iCloud on android devices. Suppose you lost your phone and don’t have enough money right now to buy a costly Apple device but your data is secure with Apple and you can access anywhere with your iCloud account. In that case if you buy a new Android smartphone then you muse be need to access your iCloud drive from android smartphone. So, without wasting your time here we go with easy steps to access iCloud on android smartphone.

Steps to Access iCloud on Android Smartphone

  1. First you need to visit from your android smartphone browser
    Sign into icloud using android browser
  2. Now please enter your email ID and password to access your iCloud account
  3. If you turn on 2 factor authentications then enter your OTP
    Skip to two step verfication
  4. Now you are on iCloud account screen.Access icloud dashboard android
  5. You can access your photos, iCloud drive, Notes and Find my Phone Feature
  6. Click on Notes and find your all notes here you can even download then to your android smartphone
    access notes in android smartphone icloud
  7. Again, you can tap on iCloud Drive and access your all iCloud data on android smartphone
  8. To Download Data from iCloud, drive just tap on select and select multiple files and tap on bottom left download icon shows in Screenshot below.
    download icloud drive data on android
  9. That’s All even you can also try Find My Phone feature also.

That’s all for today these are the easy steps to access iCloud on Android smartphone. If these steps are not work on your android smartphone or you face some any other issue please let us know in the comment section below. We would love to help you.

Related FAQ for How to Use iCloud on Android

How to I Add iCloud to My Android

You can access iCloud on your android smartphone via visiting web browser. Apple doesn’t provide any app to access iCloud on android smartphone.

How do I access iCloud storage on Android?

As you can see in the above steps you just visit to your android browser and fil your access details then easily access your iCloud data in android smartphone. Even you can also download them to your smartphone.

How can I get my picture from iCloud to my android?

Just Access Photos via iCloud on Android by following above steps in the article and access your photos in android phone.


To Access iCloud on android not a tedious task but sometime we don’t know the right steps and unable to access the features. Follow above step by step guide with screenshot attached to access iCloud on android smartphone. If you need any other help related to iCloud please comment us below. Don’t forget to follow us on social media channels.

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