Effective: 4/5

· Quality Software update and download


Price: 4.5/5

· $9.98 for limited time

Ease of Use: 4.5/5

·  Totally Automatic

Support: 4/5

· Mail and Chat Support

Quick Summary About Glary Software Update Pro:

There are multiple tools available in market to update your outdated software you can check all best software updater tool list here. But Makers of Glary Utilities and Malware Hunter this time comes with classical and best in class software updater tool. From the Name you can easily understood that this tool helps you to update your all outdated software.

This Software have only 4 tabs Home, Update, Remote and Setting you can update your all software by taping Update All button. Here we are write a detailed review for you.

Glary Soft Software Update Pro Step by Step Review:


Installation of any windows software in not a tedious task. If we talk about Glary Soft Software Update Pro, it installs within 1 minute and Install file only 8 MB.

GlarySoft Software Updater Installation process

Details About Software Update Pro:

Setup File: 8.3 MB
Setup Name: Software Update Pro
Installation Time 23 Second
Space Required: 32 MB in C Drive
Addition Software or Add On: Checkbox to Install Malware Hunter
Current Version on Dated 21st July 2020:

Use of GlarySoft Software Update Pro:

Once you Install GlarySoft Software Update Pro it will take few second to launch because of gathered your system data.  It divides software in 4 Tab: Home, Update, Remote and Setting lets start with Home Tab

Home Tab Software Update Pro:

Software suggestion in GlarySoft Software UPdater

This tab not to connected with your any outdated software. Here you can see the all list of suggested software from total 12 category from browsers, plugins, utilities, Video software, and other software. Glary Partnership with almost more then 100+ software to install on user system via Glary Tool.

Glary Also highlighted own software like Glary Utilities, Malware Hunter as a Hot so user can install them easily.  Here are few screenshot of Home tab where you can check available software to download. Its very impressive because you no need to check different website to download useful software. They covered all browser, video editor, audio software, utilities, antivirus and many more.

Update Tab Software Update Pro:

Update Software in GlarySoftware Software Updater

After checking the Home tab feature now, we move on to Update Tab of GlarySoft Software Updater Here this tool list all the software which are available to update. In my Windows 10 Pro HP laptop it shows me total of 9 software need to be update.

Again, in Update category its divided software on basis of category Browsers and Plugin, Utilities, communication, Developer tools, and Video Audio etc.

Once you see your all outdated software it shows a check mark button on bottom where you can select your all outdated software to update them with GlarySoft Software Update pro program. In Pro version trial in only allow to update 1 software at a time for bulk update outdated software you want to purchase the premium version of GlarySoft Software update which comes with $19.95 USD only. Currently it available for users to discount on 50% only just 9.98 USD.

time in update software with GlarySoft Software Updater Pro

Time in Update Software:

Software which Update from GlarySoft Software Update Pro: VLC Media Player, JAVA, WinZip

Time to Be Download: It depend on your network capacity in my PC it takes less than 1 minute

Time to Be Install: Less then 1 minute for every software

The Remote Tab:

The remote tab for those who are managing multiple system in local network. If you are network admin and managing multiple PC in your network, you can easily manage all your system here and update their software too.

The Network Tab for network admin in software updater pro

Updating their outdated software or install any new software is easy with The Remote Tab of GlarySoft Software Update Pro.

The Setting Tab:

Setting tab of GlarySoft Software Update Pro allows you to some customize setting of software like you can run software on windows start-up so it can check every time when you start your PC for outdated software.

Language: Its available more than 85 language so you can change your preferred language as per your need.

You can also change temporary software download path to as per your need.

Advantage or Pros of GlarySoft Software Update Pro:

  • Totally automatic you can update all software by pressing one button
  • Easy Upgrade
  • Remote management for network admins
  • Quality Software recommendation
  • Used by millions of trusted users.

Cons of GlarySoft Software Update Pro

  • In trial version you can only update 1 software at a time
  • No live support


If you are worried about your PC safety and want to try new features of installed software in your PC, we recommend that you must have software update tool in your PC. If we talk about GlarySoft Software Update Pro, its best fit for everyone to update all outdated software.  In the price of $19.95 USD only you can relay on this software and start using it. You can also try trail version of Pro software for 30 days before purchase if you like software then purchase it as per your use.

Download GlarySoft Software Update Pro Here

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