How to Fix no audio output device is installed in Windows 10

If you are also facing the issue with audio and every time connect headphone it shows no audio output device is installed then check out this article to fix the issue.

In every Machine specially in windows sound will work if you have proper audio device installed and having right audio driver installed in your PC. Sometime user encounter with this issue no audio output device is installed in windows 10 and error shows on sound icon.

Suddenly system encounter problem with no audio output installed error and it specially comes in HP and dell PC and laptop. Sometime their may be hardware failure but also chance that your hardware is Ok but software or you can say driver need to be updated to fix this issue.

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There are plenty of reason behind no audio devices are installed in windows 7 or any other version of windows operating system. Wo first we discuss that suddenly why this happen that no audio device is installed windows 10 error comes up.

Reason behind no audio output device is installed

Reason 1: Major Windows update installed:

Windows generally rollout windows 10 update in every 15-30 days and sometime after installing update this issue happen. Most of user signed for windows insider program and they adopt the update early. So, if your audio device is not installed then check did you recently install any update for windows 10

Reason 2: Deleting application manually or editing in registry

So, did you uninstall any software recently and they leftover some files. Some time users remove them files from the help of internet and by mistake also delete some import files related to driver’s folder or some other software. Did you just do that may chances to stop sound in windows 10.

Reason 3: Damaged Port

If you plugged in your headphone incorrectly may be chances that you damaged your port. So first you need to check your port. If port is damaged then you need to contact hardware manufacture to replace your audio port and your problem no audio output device is installed will be fixed automatically.

So, I guess above mention reason is enough to identify that no sound device is installed in windows 10 now we move on to solution. Mostly this problem occurs due to driver not installed correctly or damaged.

Method 1:  Using Driver Update Software to Fix No Sound Device is Installed in Windows 10

We know that there is multiple reason behind no audio output device is installed in windows 10 PC. So why not first we try to check and update all sound driver in PC first. We know that driver is middle man for any hardware and software connectivity. So, its possible if hardware not function well then first thing to do is update the driver for specific hardware.

In this case we also use best driver updater tool to update outdated sound driver or installed new driver to fix no audio output device is installed in windows 10.

To do so follow the below steps.

  • Install the latest build of IObit driver booster from here
    updating outdated driver iobit driver
  • After installing the software run for outdated driver scan
  • Now you will see list of outdated drivers and choose the sound driver from list
  • Update your sound driver and restart the PC.
  • That’s all now check your sound problem of no audio output device is installed now fixed.

Method 2: Using Device Manager to Update Driver

As we already troubleshoot that most of reason for no audio device in windows 10 possible reason is driver not worked properly. If you don’t want to install any third-party software to update your driver you can do it manually too.

To Manually update your driver in windows 10, follow the below steps

  • Open Device Manager/Search for device manager
    sound and audio in device manager
  • Now Click on Sound/video and game controller list
  • Expend the list and choose default sound hardware (Conexant sits audio)
    update driver sound from device manager
  • Right Click on it and click on update driver
    search automatically device manager driver
  • Now driver will be installed automatically and restart your PC to see the changes

Sometime from this process it shows that driver latest version already installed. So that’s why we recommended that you should use driver update software to install the latest version of sound driver. Installing latest version of sound driver will fix the no audio output device is installed in windows 10.

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We know that there are multiple reason and problem if you face no sound device found in windows 10 then you can troubleshoot by yourself. Sometime problem is big or maybe something else. So, we recommended that before purchase any driver software you could use trial version if this fixes your problem then you can purchase it for more updates.

We know that IObit driver booster comes with free trial and update your all of driver for free. So that’s why we recommended this software in the article. If problem still persist then you should contact to hardware manufacture to fix this issue.

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