How to Fix Instagram Reels Not Working – Fix Reels Sound Not Working

Facebook Owned Instagram is one the fastest growing social media platform which owned more than 1 billion active users worldwide.  Some of the short video-making apps like TikTok, Zill, Snack Video, and many other apps are banned in India and some other countries. Banning tik tok and other apps help to boost the Instagram app.

To take benefit of this ban Instagram release the Reels feature which is the same as Tik Tok short video feature. In the Instagram reels, you can easily make short videos with multiple effects like Are You Good Kisser, How Old Are You, and many others which most popular among all the users.

Instagram is a most demanding app and sometimes many users reported that reels not working on Instagram and users report this problem on social media platforms like Twitter etc. 30-second reels not working sometimes try these hacks to fix Instagram reels not working.

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Fix Instagram Reels Not Working/Showing in Android & iPhone

Method 1: Update Your App to Latest Version:

Instagram releases this feature in the latest build and may be possible you have an older version installed on your phone. So, to work reels feature correctly you need to update your app first.

To Update Instagram App to fix insta reels not working follow the steps

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Search for Instagram App
  • Now Tap on Update Button
    update instagram app on play store
  • Relaunch the App

That’s all this small tweak can help to update your app and all of the latest features of Instagram including reels and Reels Remix will start working on your Phone. Enjoy the Insta reels feature on your phone.

Method 2: Clear Instagram App Cache and Restart Again

In few cases after updating the app sometimes you may still face the same situation of reels not working in Instagram to do this you need to clear your Instagram app cache

After removing cache and app data all of your data will be deleted in the Instagram app and you will also log out from the app to clean your Instagram app cache follow the steps.

  • Open Setting App on Android
  • Tap on Apps
  • Search for Instagram
  • Tap on Storage
    instagram memory to clear
  • Now Clear Data and Clear App cache
    clear memory and clear data

This small tweak will help to fix Instagram reels not working I hope this will fix your problem and you will start enjoying the Instagram reels feature.

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Method 3: Join for Beta Program

If these above tweaks still not working and you are far away to fix reels not working on Instagram try this tweak and it will work. To join the Instagram beta program, follow the steps here.

First of all, click on this link and it will redirect you to the Instagram beta program click on join program and update the app for the beta version. Make sure you log in with the same email account which is login into your phone.

join instagram beta for reels

The beta program comes with many latest features and you can try them including reels and reels remix before they are available for public users.

There are many other methods also like install and uninstall apps from your phone, logout from the Instagram app, try logging in with some different accounts it will help you to fix the Instagram reels feature working on your phone.

instagram beta success

If you are still facing this issue and unable to use the reels feature in Instagram then try to contact Instagram support may be, they can help you to work your Instagram reels properly.

Some FAQs on Instagram Reels, not Working/Showing

Question 1: Why Reels not Working on My Instagram

Answer: If you are using an outdated version of the app then possible Instagram reels not working in your android or iPhone. to work properly try the above tweaks and it will help to start working the app correctly.

Question 2: Why My Reels are not uploading on Instagram

Answer: If you can using reels and watch other reels but sometimes your reels unable to upload on your Instagram account to fix this issue please check you have a good internet connection.  Sometimes log out from the account and again login to the account can fix the reels that are not uploading on Instagram.

Question 3: Fix Something went wrong please try again when I use Instagram reels

Answer: Whenever I log in to Instagram and try to use the reels feature it will show something went wrong please try again then maybe possible your account may be at risk and you need to wait for 24 hours, this may be because you like some inappropriate content or upload some inappropriate content


Instagram reels are such an amazing feature and you can watch the most amazing 30-second video across the world. If you are also a creator then this feature is worthy to share your talent among other users. I hope these tweaks will be fi Instagram reels not working if you still face any issue then comment in the box below.

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