How to Fix Ethernet Port Not Working Windows 10

In today’s time without internet no work can be done easily. Sometime in Windows 10 while accessing internet via Ethernet cable, you may face some trouble. This may be done by some issue in ethernet port to fix this issue ethernet port not working on windows 10 you can try these quick fixes.

On the Same time if you access internet via Wi-Fi method you can browse anything and internet work properly that mean there are issue with LAN port or you cable.  There are several problems maybe you incorrectly configure your network setting or corrupt or outdated drivers installed or may be your hardware damaged.

If you recently updated Windows 10 and ethernet port not working on windows 10 this is a common issue and thankfully there are lots of fixes available which can easily fix LAN port not working problem.

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How to Fix LAN Port Not Working in Windows 10

So without wasting your time lets start the process to fix Ethernet port not working windows 10. Before you check solution for software related issue please check your hardware first. On below point basis you can fix hardware errors.

  1. Try to insert ethernet cable in another port
  2. Try to Use Different LAN Cable may be this cable damaged itself
  3. Try to Use Ethernet internet on another PC with same network, if connect properly then issue with your hardware or software
  4. Try to Restart your PC and again connect.

If all of the above listed method unable to solve your problem LAN Port Not Working it means you try to some other troubleshooting steps lets start one by one.

Method 1: Use Network trouble-shooters to Fix Ethernet not work in Windows 10

Step 1: Open Windows Setting by Pressing Windows + I key together

Step 2: Search for Troubleshooting
additional troubleshoot

Step 3: Now Click on Additional trouble shooters

Step 4: Click on Internet Connection and Run the Trouble-shooter

troubleshoot network connection

Step 5: It will start troubleshooting with your ethernet connection

network dignose

That’s All these steps will help to find out problem with your ethernet port not working in windows 10. trouble-shooters sometime find the minimal issue and fix it. If problem still persist then try to other method as well.

Method 2: Reset Ethernet Adapter

Resetting ethernet adapter can change all the settings to default and help to work your LAN port easily to do this tweak just follow the below steps

  • Open Windows Setting by Pressing Win Key + I
  • Click on Network and Internet then status
  • Scroll down and click on network reset linkethernet reset to work properly
  • After Reset network PC will be restart and check your Ethernet port not working in windows 10 fixed or not
    network rest ethernet

Method 3: Using Driver Updater Tool

Ethernet port not working possible reason that your ethernet driver was outdated. To update your ethernet driver in windows 10 you need to install driver updater tool follow the below steps

  • Download and Install iobit driver booster Tool
  • Scan for Outdated drivers
    Iobit driver booster for LAN port driver
  • Now Update your Ethernet driver and restart your PC

That’s all updating your outdated Ethernet driver can fix the ethernet port not working on windows 10 issue.

Method 4: Enable Ethernet Device

May be possible your ethernet device disabled to enable it again follow the below steps

  • Open Run Command and type devmgmt.msc it will open your Device Manager
  • Click on Network Adapter then Ethernet Device
    How to Fix Ethernet Port Not Working Windows 10
  • Now Click on Ethernet device and enable it.

Method 5: Temporary Disable Firewall and Antivirus Software

Sometime this issue may be due to your firewall and antivirus so just disable your real time protection antivirus or firewall protection turn off. This may be temporary solution and you can easily fix ethernet port not working in windows 10.


There are more several methods which can help you to fix LAN port not working in windows 10 you can also try them. If problem still persist then we suggest you that you could take help from expert near you.

If you have any other question then please let us know In the comment section below. If this article help you then share it with your friends and other member which can also fix LAN port not working in windows 10.

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