How to Enable or Disable USB Port in Windows 10

Most commonly Laptop or PC are not so personal thing anymore we generally share our PC with friends or family member because they need it urgently in cases, we have fear in mind that if something suspicious find or they can copy our private data to USB or other drive. In that case you know that you can disable USB post in windows PC so no one can copy your important data without your permission.

There are several methods about how you can disable or Enable USB port in Windows 10 and Windows 7 PC so let’s start one by one to start the process.

How to Disable or Enable USB port in Windows 10 & 7

Method 1: Enable USB Port in Windows by using Registry Editor

Most common hack to play with windows PC by using registry editor. Did you know that you can do multiple things in your windows PC by just visiting registry editor? You can also disable usb port in windows 10 if someone blocked in your pc. Let’s start the Regedit process

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Step 1: Press Windows + R Key to open Run Command and Type regedit

OpenRegedit in windows10

Step 2: Now Registry Editor Window will open and you need to follow below path also show in screenshot below.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CurrentControlSet > Services > USBSTOR

Regedit path for USB blocker

Step 3:  There are multiple values in this folder just find Start show in screenshot as well and edit this DWORD 32bit value

Block USB port from Registry Editor

Step 4: If in this windows value shows as 3 it means your USB port is unblocked and you can access it easily.  If you want to disable USB port in windows 10 then change the value to 4 now USB port will be disable in windows 10

Step 5: To check this hack will work or not you need to restart your PC to effect registry changes first. Every time you do the change in any registry need to restart your PC first.

That’s all I hope this hack to edit registry for enable or disable USB port in windows 10 or windows 7 will work for you. But there is a clause if you are working in organization and USB port blocked by system administrator then may be possible this method will can’t work for you. Don’t to worry we will bring another method to enable USB port in windows 10.

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Method 2: Enable/Disable USB port in windows 10 By Device Manager

Step 1: Open Device Manager from typing Windows+ X Key and Click on Device Manager show in screenshot below.

Open Device Manger in windows 10

Step 2: Now navigate to universal Serial Bus Controller most probably in last click on it.

Step 3: Now you will find many devices like USB3.0, USB2.0 or Intel R USB extensible host controller depend on your system and OS configuration

Step 4: Now Right Click on It you will be see many options like update driver, uninstall device or Disable Device

enable USB port from device manager

Step 5: To Disable USB port in windows 10 click on disable device

Step 6: If you want to enable USB port in windows 10 then you need to click on Enable device.

That’s all now USB port in windows 10 is enable or disable as per your requirement please restart PC to affect the changes properly.

Method 3: Enable or Disable USB port from Systool USB blocker Tool

Sometime we didn’t want to change our registry value or may be device manager method don’t work then you can try to enable or disable USB port in windows 10 by using any third-party tool. Here we recommended SysTool company SysTools USB blocker for it. There are many USB blocker tool available you can try as per your choice.

Step 1: First you need to install SysTool USB blocker Download it from here

Step 2:  After installing this software open it for Enable/Disable USB port in windows 7 or windows 10

Step 3:  Now gives the all details like username, password to work on it.

Systool usb tool

Step 4: Now you can just block or unblocked USB port in windows 10 by just in single click

Disbale USB port with Systool USB blocker tool

That’s all I hope this method will work for you. SysTools USB blocker tool comes with price also. If its not working in free version then try to contact customer care first and then purchase it.

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Sometime in office we eagerly need to transfer some files and USB port was blocked by system administrator in case you ask system admin to give permission or you can follow above steps to unblock USB port in windows 10 by own risk. This is completely free method and everyone can try to block or unblock USB port in windows 10.

I hope this method will help you to enable or disable USB port as per your choice. Sometime these methods may be not worked in case please comment your exact problem with OS version and machine configuration so we can assist you in better way. Thanks for reading this article if you like it please share it to your friends.  Keep reading at techmavendoor for more troubleshooting tips.

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