Importance of the data everyone aware about it. Did you know data loss is how much painful for everyone specially for mac users?  If you are also using Mac and worried about your important data, then its article for you read this till end to know how you can clone your mac hard drive to secure your data.

In the age of twenty first century everyone believes in cloud backup but backing up whole system data on cloud is too tricky task if your internet connection in slow. So, without wasting time here we are explained how you can clone disk mac and safeguard your data with these amazing tool.  EaseUs Todo Backup and stellar drive clone are the best hard drive cloning software for Mac users. Check out the whole list here.

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List of Best Disk Cloning Apps for Mac in 2020

You only need one apps to clone your mac hard drive but here we give you 8 best option to choose best fit mac har drive clone software according your needs. Based on time, review, and of-course basis of price we list down awesome mac disk cloning apps here.

1. EaseUs Todo Backup for Mac

easeus todo Backup for mac

If you are looking for disk cloning apps for Mac, then #1 option for you is EaseUs Todo backup for mac. EaseUs offer all the feature which required to clone your mac hard drive. Its help to back up your all data from any Mac device and reduce the risk of data loss. You can create files backup on basis of your needs like full backup, partial backup, incremental, or differential. There are several template for iTunes, Mails, contacts and photos backup.

Some awesome features of EaseUs Todo Backup for Mac

  • Automated Data backup
  • Compressed backup to save storage space
  • Encrypted backup to protect your privacy
  • Mac Disk Cloning in APFS or traditional HFS+
  • Files and folder syncing

Along with all these features it’s also compatible with latest Mac OS 10.15 Catalina version You Can start EaseUs Todo Backup with 3 days free trial to clone mac hard drive.

Download EaseUs Todo Backup for Mac Here

2. Stellar Drive Clone for Mac

stellar drive clone

Stellar drive clone for mac is the best option for clone external hard drive of mac.  Stellar Drive clone can clone mac hard drive and its logical volume.  It creates disk image of the mac hard drive, Solid state drive, external hard drive.  If you are looking for different type of file supported, then Stellar is the best option for you. Mac disk clone not possible without HFS and FAT supporting files. Stellar drive clone for mac supports HFS-to-HFS, FAT-to-FAT and NTFS-to-EXFAT cloning.

Here are the few features of Stellar drive clone app for mac.

  • Clone Mac Hard drive and its logical volume
  • Create and restore disk image of mac hard drive
  • Able to restore volumes from a folder of disk image file
  • Able to Clone Mac encrypted hard drive.

Stellar Drive clone also compatible with Mac OS latest high Sierra and Catalina version to clone drive mac.  Download Free hard drive cloning software here.

Free Download Stellar Drive Clone for Mac

3. SuperDuper Mac

superduper for mac to clone mac disk

SuperDuper Mac allows you to create fully bootable system backup. If you are familiar with time machine of Mac and want some good alternative, then SuperDuper for Mac is best disk cloning app for you.  Here are the few feature of this amazing mac disk cloning utility

  • Smart Wake, Smart delete and notification centre support.
  • APFS recovery support
  • Its only copies APFS and HFS volume

Along with these features it also supports scheduling, smart update and many more but to access these features you need to buy pro version.

Download SuperDuper For Mac Now.

4. Time Machine Mac (Default App)

time machine for Mac disk clone for mac

From this feature you can backup your whole Mac data automatically. Time Machine the built-in feature in every Mac machine can backup your all of files, apps, music, photos, emails, documents and even system files. You can easily restore your backup anytime when you want.  Along with system disk you can also create backup in external SSD or hard drive. Time machine also help to clone external hard drive mac for free.  Here are the few features of Time Machine.

  • Local Snapshot as space permits
  • Backup on hourly basis in last 24 hours
  • Daily backup for last month
  • Weekly backup for all previous months
  • Automatically deleted old backup when system disk full.

Time Machine is awesome option for clone Mac hard drive. But sometimes you not able to access your mac or want to format full Mac machine then may be time machine backup not worked properly. So before using or creating backup via time machine read all the details on apple website.

Know More About Time Machine Here

5. Carbon Copy Cloner:

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac to clone mac hard drive

Carbon copy cloner from Bombich company which claim is that first bootable backup solution for the mac. As name suggest Carbon Copy Cloner its help to cone your mac hard drive and saves you from any crash.

CCC aka Carbon Copy Cloner comes with 30 days trial feature so you can test every feature to backup and clone mac disk. It is the best free disk cloning app for mac checkout these amazing feature of Carbon Copy Cloner Mac here.

  • Create Bootable Backups for mac
  • Smart Update feature only update files that have been added or modified
  • Create Backup o external hard drive or another Macintosh.

Carbon Copy Cloner for Mac is compatible with MacOS Catalina and comes with latest features download now

Download Carbon Copy Cloner Here

6. Acronis True Image for Mac

Acronis True Image best disk cloning app for mac

Acronis True Image for Mac is the best disk cloning app for mac along with backup option Acronis True Image can back up your entire Mac data, clone your hard drive and even recover it also. You can choose backup location as per your need. You can easily backup or clone your mac hard drive to local storage or choose Acronis cloud also.  Here are the few features of Acronis True Image for Mac.

  • Backup your entire Mac Data
  • Creating rescue bootable media
  • Creating Acronis survival kit which can help in data failure.

Like Windows Acronis True Image is the best clone disk mac app for everyone. It comes with latest update and new features.

Download Acronis True Image for Mac Here.

7. ChronoSync:

ChronoSync for Mac to Clone your Mac Hard Drive

ChronoSync from Econ is a complete all in one solution for backup, bootable backups and cloud storage. Along with Clone Mac hard drive ChronoSync can also sync data between two Macs and make file sharing too easy. Here are the few features of ChronoSync which makes it best disk cloning app for mac.

  • Synchronize Backup
  • Bootable backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Schedule Backup

ChronoSync also offer backup and cloning option for Enterprises. If you are company and using Mac machine in your network, then ChronoSync can manage your data and help in any failure or loss to save your data.

Download ChronoSync for Mac Here.

8. Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac


Paragon Hard Disk manager for mac all round solution to protect, maintain and manage your Mac machine. Paragon Hard Disk manager can clone mac hard drive, create bootable disk and many more.  Its best option for data wiping, hard disk partitioning and many more features. Check out these cool amazing features of Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac.

  • Snapshot driven backup with powerful recovery option.
  • Recover lost or deleted partition
  • Disk Cloning and secure data wiping
  • Resize mac partition.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager best option to manage your mac hard drive and can cone your mac external hard drive.

Download Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac.

These are the best option for disk cloning apps for Mac. You can choose as per your need. We all know Time Machine is the best disk cloning app for Mac but those who want to try some other apps with more features for disk cloning on mac we recommended that use EaseUs Todo Backup, Stellar drive clone for mac to clone your mac hard drive.

FAQ’s Related to Disk Clone Mac

There are some of users who want answers of some questions before they try any disk cloning app for mac. Here are the some frequently asked questions related to Disk Clone software for Mac.

Question: How Do I Clone a Mac Hard Drive with Disk Utility?

Answer: To Clone your Mac Hard Drive with disk utility you can try stellar drive clone app to do this here are the few steps in Stellar Drive clone for Mac hard drive cloning with disk utility.

  • Go to the Utilities folder and run Disk Utility in Stellar drive clone
  • Click on the Erase tab
  • On the left side pane, select the media, which you want as your backup or destination drive.
  • On the ‘Format’ drop down select the format type as Mac OS Extended (Journaled).

Question: How do I clone my Mac to another Mac?

Answer: To do this you can use Time Machine app to clone your mac to another mac via migration assistant feature.  Open migration assistant in time machine then click on application folder then continue. Now it will ask you about transfer information to transfer data to another mac. Choose Time Machine, or start-up disk.

Question: What is the Best Cloning Software for Mac

Answer: Here are the many software available for mac disk clone feature but for you we choose top 8 best disk clone software for mac along with time machine. You can check out in the article above list of the best disk clone software are.

  • EaseUs Todo backup
  • Stellar Drive Clone
  • SuperDuper Mac
  • Time Machine for Mac
  • Carbon Copy Cloner
  • ChronoSync
  • Acronis True Image
  • Paragon Hard Disk Manager

Question: Does Time Machine Clone the Hard Drive.

Answer: We all know that time machine Is built in backup option to backup your mac data. Yes, Time Machine can clone the Mac Hard drive and even you can transfer it to another Mac also.  The main problem is that time machine takes too much time to crate cloning and restoring. So, you can try some other apps to clone the mac hard drive like stellar drive clone, Carbon Copy Cloner and many others.

These are the few questions related to Disk Clone apps for Mac. If you also have some specific question like how to deal with disk cloning on mac, is disk clone or mac safe? Or some other you can write us kin the comment section below we will answer all your question related to free hard drive cloning apps.

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