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Few days earlier in June 2021 Microsoft launches Windows 11 operating system. Its upgraded version of windows 10 and having amazing features and user interface. If you are using windows 11 then try out these new amazing windows 11 themes for free.

When we update our operating system to the newer version we always try to new screensaver, personalization settings and many more so if you are still unaware that you can’t download new skin pack or themes in windows 11 that’s mean you are wrong. Here are we telling you the process of how to download and install new themes in windows 11 and try out them easily.

Checkout Best Windows 10 Themes

How to Change Theme In Windows 11:

Before proceed further here are the quick guide to change and download new theme for windows 11. Follow the below steps for windows 11 themes

Step 1: Open settings in windows 11

Step 2: Click on Personalization as shown in screenshot below

predefine windows 11 themes

Step 3: Choose the predefine theme Dark, light, glow and captured motion

Step 4: You can also choose recently download and install theme in windows 11

Step 5: Select theme and click on apply

That’s all this process is so simpler and you can easily download the best theme for windows 11

How to Create Custom theme for Windows 11:

If you want to create some custom theme for windows 11 you can also do that. You need just few pictures to add in theme and apply some other settings lets do that

Step 1: Open Settings and go to personalization

Step 2: Click on Themes (Install, Create, Manage)

click on theme in windows 11

Step 3: Now choose the background and add some photos from click on browse photos

choose background in windows 11 theme

choose custom background in windows 11

Step 4: Now Click on Color and choose color as you want to use in your custom theme.

choose custom color from accent color

Step 5: Don’t forget to click on choose accent color on tiles bars and windows borders.

Step 6 : Now Choose sound and Mouse cursor icon as your choice.

That’s all now save all the things and click on use custom theme. Now your own theme will apply in windows 11 and it will be great.

If you are looking for some other predefine themes and skin pack just head over to Microsoft store and found the best windows 11 themes for you. Here are the top picks for you.

Best Windows 11 Themes on Microsoft store.

Best Windows 11 Themes on Microsoft store.

  1. Mountain Dwellings
  2. Sun and Sand PREMIUM
  3. Fish and Corals
  4. The Grand Canyon National Park
  5. Lighthouses by Night
  6. Beach Time PREMIUM
  7. Hitting the Road
  8. Street Views PREMIUM
  9. River Delta PREMIUM
  10. Autumn Colors
  11. Earth from Above PREMIUM
  12. Beach Glow
  13. Amazon Rainforest
  14. Colorful Boats PREMIUM
  15. Baffin Island Expedition by Will Christiansen
  16. Beach Sunsets by Josh Sommers
  17. Spiraling Fractals PREMIUM
  18. Wildflowers PREMIUM
  19. Beautiful Sunsets
  20. Cosmic Beauty
  21. World National Parks
  22. Vector Art PREMIUM
  23. Running Horses
  24. Color Explosion
  25. Animal Portraits PREMIUM
  26. Night Skies PREMIUM
  27. Alaskan Landscapes by Kyle Waters
  28. Bing Sunshine
  29. Baby Animals
  30. Xbox Series X
  31. Forest for the Trees
  32. Dark Skies by Tracy Hymas
  33. Beautiful Norway
  34. The Butterfly
  35. Aerial Beaches PREMIUM
  36. Wooden Walkways PREMIUM
  37. Hawaiian Vacation
  38. McLaren Senna Track Day
  39. Ford Mustang RTR Formula Drift
  40. Explore the USA PREMIUM
  41. Autumn in Sweden
  42. Springtime Animals
  43. Abstract Bubbles PREMIUM
  44. Bending Light PREMIUM
  45. Rain in the City
  46. US National Parks
  47. Swimming Holes
  48. The Solar Eclipse
  49. Call of the Raven
  50. Bridges in Autumn
  51. TaskbarEffectLT
  52. Lakeside Vistas
  53. Lightning Strikes
  54. Community Showcase Natural Landscapes
  55. A Moment of Hygge PREMIUM
  56. Bing Fan Favorites II
  57. Daydream
  58. Australian Landscapes by Ian Johnson
  59. Circuit Overload
  60. Meteor Showers
  61. Colors of the Rainbow
  62. Classic Cars PREMIUM
  63. Amazon Landscapes PREMIUM
  64. The Northern Lights
  65. World Oceans Day PREMIUM
  66. Water Retreat PREMIUM
  67. Architectural Structures PREMIUM
  68. Bountiful Cottage Gardens
  69. Theme Store
  70. Beautiful Blossoms by Elena Yansupova
  71. An African Safari
  72. Community Showcase Cityscapes 2
  73. Light and Dark by Nick Boyer
  74. Stunning Waterfalls PREMIUM
  75. Community Showcase Natural Landscapes 2
  76. Stars at Night
  77. Pride 2020 Flags
  78. Fields of Flowers
  79. Ford F-150 Raptor Xbox One X Edition
  80. Porsche 911 GT2 RS – Forza Motorsport 7
  81. Rambling Pathways
  82. Sheepish
  83. Colorful Birds
  84. French Riviera
  85. Beauty of Britain 2 by Sean Byrne
  86. Wish You Were Here PREMIUM
  87. Amazon Wildlife PREMIUM
  88. Beauty of China PREMIUM
  89. Islands in the Sun
  90. Austin Botanical Garden by Amy Alderman

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