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Those People who are currently continue their work from home due to Covid-19 breakdown these free web video conferencing apps are icing on the cake for them. Lot of companies during Covid -19 breakdown try to decide for their employee to they can done their work easily.  These Web Conferencing apps help to reduce work burden and make communication easier in all team members. Generally, in workplace you can talk to each other, call for meetings to all team member and discuss all the things related to your project. But we know because of Corona virus breakdown everyone stayed at home. Health is more important then work but what if you can continue your work, attend all meetings, check progress of your team member at home sounds cool!

Here we feature on the best team collaboration software that work from home employee can use it and communicate with other office colleague.  Video Conferencing means you can take meetings online, save cost, and no technical issues.

Beside of Covid-19 if we can do our work over Video call or video conferencing that we can save lots of things like petrol, time, cost, and save earth as well. Suppose you fixed a meeting with your client and want to meet him on certain time. For this you need to take a taxi our use your own vehicle. It takes almost 1-2 hour of travelling time which include cost of your cab rent/petrol bill. What if your meeting can’t happen due to some reason? All these reasons are so irritating for you. Suppose you fix online meeting with your client over Video Conferencing apps you can save petrol, time and money as well. If your meeting cancel just chill at home or do your work.

So, without wasting your time lets discuss best free web video conferencing apps for your smartphone and these apps also access via your Window/Mac Machine.

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Best Free Web Video Conferencing Software

There are too many apps available in the market, but we still think that Zoom Cloud meeting and Google Meet both are the #1 video conferencing software for your needs. Let’s start one by one.

1. Zoom – Web Video Conferencing and Best for Webinar

Zoom cloud meeting host video meetings

After Corona breakdown Zoom app download increase suddenly in many countries like India Zoom App becomes number one downloadable app on play store.  Zoom is the #1 Web and Video Conferencing apps for your need its have too many features lets discuss one by one

  • Host up to 100 participants
  • Unlimited number of meetings
  • 40 minutes meeting duration without any hassle
  • Online Meetings and Trainings
  • Organize Video Webinar as well.
  • Build Collaboration enabled conference room
  • Next generation enterprise phone system
  • Cross platform messaging and file sharing
  • Share Screen of your PC with others

These are some cool feature of Zoom Cloud video conferencing software. If you need more requirement can purchase Pro plan just starts from $15 per month plan. But if you have small team size under 100 then easily use Zoom cloud meeting. Best part is that no one can able to record meetings over Zoom so don’t worry about your privacy as well. If you are the host you can also mute all participant, drop from meetings and many more feature.

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting Here

2. Skype- Well Known Video Conferencing Software

Skype Best Video Conferencing App

I can bet that you must have heard the name of Skype. Everyone used skype for daily routine work, video call with friends or family member. When WhatsApp, Facebook video call not available then people use Skype mostly to do video calls.  If you are less the group of 25 member the skype free is best video conferencing software for you.

You can schedule meetings, transfer files, share screen and many more.

No need to install app you can use skype we also.

  • Create Meeting without download
  • Call mobiles and landline with skype
  • Available for Desktop, Mobile, tablet, Xbox and Alexa
  • Subtitle Feature

There are the few features of Skype which make it awesome video conferencing app. You can try Skype for free if you need more feature in skype can purchase account or if you need to call on mobile or landline just purchase call credit.

Download Skype from Here

3. Google Hangouts Meet:

Google Hangouts Meet Best meeting tool

Google Hangouts Meet is best option for those professionals who already use G suite for emails, driver and much more. You can easily setup meetings with Google Meet it also send meeting invites via Mail and setup meetings in your calendar. You can easily create meetings with Google Hangouts Meet and share screen as well. Meeting Host can mute all participate mic or can drop from meeting also.

Due to Covid-19 Google Hangouts Meet currently available for free till Sept. 30/2020 They also write about this information on their blog.

We’re here to help during this challenging time. All G Suite customers can now use advanced Hangouts Meet features, including larger meetings, live streaming, and recording.

Google Hangouts Meet specially design for every kind of business. Not for business if you are in schools, collages, university or small business owner you can use Hangouts Meet for free till Sept 30th, 2020. Google Hangouts Meet is best video conferencing software for everyone can anyone can avail it on pro plan which starts from $6 per month.

Use Google Hangouts Meet

4. Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams for Video Conferencing

Again, good video conferencing apps from tech Giant Microsoft. Microsoft Team basically design for cooperate members only in compare to Slack. But if you have paid Microsoft plan you can avail Microsoft team feature for free to use video conferencing feature as well.

Microsoft team is best for group chat and collaboration. If your organization already used Office 365 then Microsoft team is best fir for you.

  • Chat from Anywhere
  • Meet from Anywhere
  • Call from Anywhere
  • Collaborate from Anywhere

Microsoft Teams can be avail via office 365 and it will be available from $12.50 per month per user basis. Along with Team you can also access One Drive, Microsoft office, exchange, SharePoint, and many more.

Use Microsoft Team

5. GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting Best Video Conferencing App

Last but not the least option for video conference software. GoToMeeting is the best online meeting software, video conferencing and web conferencing. GoToMeeting by LogMeIn and launch very excited offer currently for work from home users. Due to covid lockdown these apps demand dramatically increased and everyone looking for best meeting software. Those who have nearly 250-member team they can start GoToMeeting for free. Its offer 14 days free trial without using credit card.

After that you can avail GoToMeeting plans starts from $12 per month. GoToMeeting also has screen sharing, conference calling, video conferencing, meeting recording and mobile conferencing features. Those who also want to record meetings with audio they can use GoToMeeting. Like Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Skype can’t offer recording feature but in GoToMeeting you can use recording too.

Download GoToMeeting Here

I Hope you like the all the video conferencing apps list for all. If you are individual user, then we recommended use skype and Zoom cloud meeting free version. If you are working professionals then use Google Hangouts Meet, GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams for your work-related task.

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