Tumblr was very popular from last few years but back in 2018 when Tumblr announce to delete many user contents because of privacy and security issues everyone was upset and looking for sites like Tumblr. There are many other content curation and sharing website for bloggers, creative artist and NSFW members which can best Tumblr alternative for them.

Many Websites likes WordPress, Blogspot provide facility to share content but they don’t have popular features like Tumblr to share memes, follow other users and many more. But in this list, we have perfect replacement for Tumblr like ghost soup, mastodon social and many more.

We know that Tumblr is all in one for bloggers and social media expert where you can share link, post a photo, or write a blog as well. In this best Tumblr alternative website, you can find all the features here. For you we confirm that Tumblr is still running and up you can create account and share anything which you want. Still you are looking for websites or apps like Tumblr here we go.

Best Tumblr Alternatives for 2020

Here in 2020 many sites become popular like Tumblr, but we curate few websites and prepare best Tumblr alternative for you check out this list here.

1. WordPress

wordpress sites like Tumblr

#1 blogging platform for everyone.  You need only email address to register on wordpress.com website. Here you can post content, post video, post photos anything which you like, you can also follow other users, comment on their post and create community as well.

WordPress also have option if you run a blog on wordpress.com and want to use it with your domain you can also do it very easily. Just purchase wordpress.com plan and start using blogging with your personal domain.

WordPress is still best Tumblr alternative for free here you can also check your pageviews, track user report, enable google webmaster and integrated Google Analytics to check your website visitor.

Visit WordPress.Com today to signup

2. Blogger – Alternate to Tumblr

blogger alternative to Tumblr

Blogspot or blogger call which name you like most. Blogger was introduced by Google back in 2003 here you can start your own blog for free. If you have ample number of visitors on your blog, you can also earn money by enabling Google AdSense on it. No other blogger platform offers you to enable ads on your blog like Tumblr, WordPress etc.

Blogger is awesome option for Tumblr alternative here you can choose different theme option and use your own domain if you like. Suppose you have only domain name and don’t want to spend money on hosting then blogger is best option for you. Here you can easily access your domain with blogger and earn money as well. There are many websites like Tumblr, but you can trust on blogger for blogging.

Visit blogger.com for signup

3. Ghost.Org

Ghost replacement for Tumblr

Ghost.org is best sites like Tumblr for everyone. Its completely ad free and never sensor your content. You can post what you want. Ghost.org is best platform for editors, creators and bloggers you can use ghost for free or also purchase their pro account in just $29 per month plan.

Main reason is behind ghost that people not like so much is it cost. We know that where Tumblr offer all the services for free while ghost.org charge you. But believe me you can start with free trial to check that ghost.org is worth or not for Tumblr alternatives.

Visit Ghost.Org to Signup

4. Medium:

medium apps like Tumblr

Login with twitter or email ID in current time medium is #1 source to share your content with your followers. Medium is another best option for Tumblr alternatives. You can easily signup on medium and start posting your content.

In Medium you can find more then 100 topics to follow and write content as per your need. You can also follow other users and share your thought with them. You can also earn money with Medium partner program but before starting you need to fill-up their requirement and its available only in few countries.

Visit Medium.com

5. Mastodon

mastodon Tumblr nsfw alternative

Mastodon is for who like twitter more and want to share more words in compare to twitter. In this website you can post a photo, use hashtags, share video or link anything you want. All the option available which you are used in Tumblr website.

Mastodon dark theme make it so cool its completely ad free, so you never irritated from popups and ads. Here large number of users are using Mastodon so you can explore more. I hope Mastodon is best sites like Tumblr for you.

Visit Mastodon here

6. Typepad

typepad Tumblr substitute

Typepad is best site like Tumblr for those who like simple and powerful website. Its already used by some major names like ABC, MSNBC, BBC and many other to host their blogs. If you also want to host your own blog can start for free and use Typepad.

Typepad have many features like you can import your content from WordPress also. And its starts only $8.95 plan per month.

Visit Typepad.com

Here are the best 6 Tumblr alternative for you. If you are professional blogger then we recommended that use WordPress.com for free if you want to explore more in future, then upgrade WordPress plan. If you not want to spend money, then you can try Blogger also. WordPress and Blogger both are best alternative for Tumblr website.

Hope you like this post if you still have any question please ask in comment section below, we will try to answer as soon as possible.

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