10 Best Software Updater Tool for Windows – Free Software Update 2020

Are you using many software in your windows 10, 8, 7 PC for your work and entertainment? Like in your smartphone from Play store and App store you can easily update all your apps once. Now think if it is also possible in your windows PC? Sounds great want to update all your software in Windows 10,8,7, PC by one click here today we tell about some awesome software updater tool which help to update your all software once

We all know that malware attacks in windows PC on regular basis. Most of software we don’t now their website and hard to update their latest version. Keeping up to date your all windows PC software can slow down malware attack risk and improve your system performance.

Every software release update in 1-2 month with new feature and bug fixing. So, you must keep updated all your windows 10 Apps and software. So here we are presenting some cool software update 2020 list which can update your all outdated software easily.

We first clear that these best software updater list only update your installed software like CCleaner, VLC media Player, Photo viewer and editor software, Word, Office, etc. If you want to update or install your Core Windows 10 please try this method.

List of Best Software Update Tool in 2020

Here is the good software updater tool for Windows 10, 8, 7, and XP PC. All software working fine in all mention version if you need any trouble while using please tell us in comment section to improve our software updater tool list.

1. Glarysoft Software Update

glarysoft Software Update

Glarysofy software update specially design for update your all outdated software. Its free, small, easy to use and highly functional software with easy interface. If you are not so techie then just install and click on Install software button to update all outdated software once.

Glarysoft is totally automatic and easy upgrades for everyone. If you are IT professional and want to manage your wok station to update all PC software at once you can use Glarysot software updater 2020 easily.

GlarySoft software updater comes in 3 version Free, Pro trial and Pro version You can try before purchase to glarysoft if you want to use for your personal computer then use it free only version.

Download Glarysoft Software Update from here

2. IObit software Updater


In the list second software updater is IObit software updater to update all your windows software.  IObit can help you keep your all windows software updated easily.  IObit Software updater 3 update your software instantly to keep all software at best.  Here are the few features of IObit software updater

  • Access hundreds of software updates
  • Equip PC with more useful software
  • Timely update push and safer installation

If you are home user, then use free version of IObit software updater to update all your windows software easily.

Download IObit Software Updater 3 from here

3. Avira Software Updater

Avira Software Updater Pro

Avira name enough if you already use antivirus from Avira. Avira also in software updater. You can update your software and drivers easily with Avira Software updater. Recently many video conferencing apps had security flaws and they update their apps and fix bugs. If you not receive these apps like Zoom update, then use Avira Software updater to update all your video meetings and other apps easily.

You can also update your device drivers, browser, adobe software and much more with Avira software updater version.  If you want more feature, then try Avira Software update pro which comes with monthly basis plan also.

Download Avira Software Updater Here.

4. Thor software Updater


Thor name inspired from marvel universe. Heimdal security Thor software updater keep your all windows 8 software up to date like thor always protect from villains in MCU movies. Thor keep your all vulnerable application UpToDate automatically and low your risk.

Thor Software updater have most 50 used software in the world so if you are using this 50 software then guaranteed get this software updated timely without any hassle.

All famous browser and software like 7zip, WinRAR, Notepad++ and many more in the Thor list. Just download thor and it will update your all software in ease.

Download Heimdal Security Software here

5. PatchMyPC Updater


PatchMyPC Updater is free easy to use and portable program to update your all outdated software easily. PatchMyPC updater has most commonly 300 programs. You can easily update this software easily.  Here are the few features of PatchMyPC which makes different from other software updater program

  • Quality support
  • Stay Secure from attacks
  • Save time while updating software
  • IT Pro option help to manage your IT needs
  • Portable app which is less then 2MB

Download PatchMyPC Home Updater Here

6. Software Updater by eSupport

Software updater from esupport

eSupport Software updater program update your PC’s software instantly. Its regularly check your all software for newer version and if any update available it will notify you and update software instantly.

With eSupport software updater you no need to worry about your latest version of installed software. In just one click you can download and installed all software here the few key features of software updater

  • Instant Access of million of updated software titles
  • Automatically and fast update your all application
  • You have option to choose which one to install or Skip
  • Scheduler run app automatically in the background

Download Software Updater Here

7. FileHippo App Manager


FileHippo App manager is currently in beta mode they not yet release it for distribution purpose, but you can download it to update your all outdated software easily. FileHippo app manager use its own database to update all software.

We all know that filehippo is leading software download website where you can download all utilities and software for free.

Click Here to Download FileHippo App manager

8. OutdateFighter 3


OutDateFighter 3 can update your all outdated software at once in this software you also have option to update your windows version also. If you have some pending update in your Windows 10 or Windows 7 this outdatefighter can also update them.

If you want to uninstall some software which are not in used outdatefighter also help to uninstall them. You can sort your scan result on basis of download size and others. You can also change settings in outdatefighter for software update.

Please note down that OutdateFighter is no longer supported by official website spamfighter. They discontinued this product from their website, but you can still download it from third party website like sopftpedia and filehippo.

9. UCheck


U check is another simpler and standard program to update all outdated software for free. Its support more then 150 program in the list. Ucheck comes with free and pro version also. In free version you can easily download and install update of all software.

If you want to schedule download or install software, then need to be use pro version of software.

10. Update notifier


Update Notifier help to get update from program’s original source. You can also setup a schedule to download and install outdated software updates.  You also have option to check update in custom folder also.

In this Update Notifer you can schedule from 3 hours to every 7 days’ time duration for update all windows PC software.

I hope you will like this best free software updater list to update your all outdated software. We recommended that you use Glary Soft Software Update free version to update your all windows PC software at home. If you are IT professional and want to manage your office all employee’s PC, then it can also help you update bulk software easily.

If you want to know more about software updates and how its work, please tell us in the comment section below.

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