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Now Everyone love to play games on Consoles like Nintendo Switch, PS4 and many others but still large number of gamers relay on PC games and they love to play games on PC.  On PC all games are available from racing to strategy games. If you built custom machine with awesome graphic card you can enjoy high end gaming on your PC.  But sometimes you want to share your game score or winning moment with your friends but for this you need to record your screen first. Sometimes I was trying to record these winning moment with my smartphone camera but later I realized that I can use best game recording software for windows to record all the games and later share winning moment with others.

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If you are also wanting to record your game and look for game recorder software, then this article is for you. Check out these amazing best game recording software for Windows users. From Xbox Game bar to open broadcast software (OBS) we covered all free software to record your gaming experience.

Best Game Record Software on Windows in 2020

Make sure you have enough disk space to record your game play videos. Because most of software record video in 4K or HD quality so it consumes your lots of disk space in hard drive. You can keep recorded data or delete it if no more usages. If you are facing in storage, then also try cloud storage to store your recorded game data for free.

1. Xbox Game Bar (Works on Windows 10):

XBox game Bar best game recorder software for windows 10

If you are using Windows 10 then Xbox Game Bar is best fit for you to record your game screen easily. Xbox Game bar have all option like record screen, record audio, capture and many others. While Playing games if you want to see your CPU performance you can also check in Xbox game bar. According to us for those who don’t want to install any other software and just want to record games only then Xbox Game Bar is best option for them.

If you are Pro gamer and want to stream your favourite game to YouTube, Facebook etc. then Xbox don’t have this feature this is main disadvantage of it. But still Xbox Game bar is the best game recording software for free.

2. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS):

Open Broadcaster software to record game on windows PC

Best tool to record game screen for free. OBS is free and open source tool and widely accept by lots of gamers. Along with gamer some youtuber or celebrity who love to go live on YouTube, Facebook they also use Open broadcaster software for free.

To use OBS to record your game screen just download the software and select the source which you want to record it will start record your game in seconds. You can also record audio with it. If you are Pro gamer and want to go live with your game skills on YouTube, Facebook or another social media platform then use OBS for sure. You need to enter only stream key and press the Go live button to start live streaming of your game.

Download OBS software from here.

3. Dxtory

dxtory game recording software for windows

Dxtory is a movie capture tool for DirectX and Open GL applications. The main feature of Dxtory is that it can record original pixel data as it is. So, you can easily get the high quality of recorded video.

For those who work on Open GL application this tool is the best game recorder for pc you know that this tool directly acquired data from a surface memory buffer so with small load its works on very high speed.

Along with DirectX and Open GL its also extend to VFW codec format so you can take screenshot of your game while recording in any desire format.

Download Dxtory here.

4. Streamlabs OBS:

streamlabs OBS game recorder for windows 10

If you are already familiar with Open broadcast software and find bit complicated, then Streamlabs OBS is best pc game recording software for you.  Streamlabs OBS main aim for those who want simpler and beginner version of OBS software to record game on PC.

This software also allows to connect your steamtable accounts lie YouTube Facebook to this so you can stream your favourite game while recording on your social media accounts.

Its free to use open source software with variety of plugins to enhance user experience. It also saves all settings and resources to cloud so you don’t worry about your settings.

Download Best game Recorder software for PC Streamlabs OBS here.

5. Bandicam:

bandicam-game-recording software for pc

Bandicam is the best option for those who are looking to record their games on PC for free.  This software is the most downloadable software over the internet for video recording purpose.  You can record video in HD and 4K ultra HD format with Bandicam software.  Bandicam has ability to record games with high bitrates and frames.

Bandicam comes with 2 capture mode and able to resize capture area these advanced capture settings make it best game recorder software for free.

Download Bandicam for Free.

These are the 5 best game recorder software for Windows users for free. If you are also pro gamer and love to record games on your PC, then must try these above-mentioned game recorder for PC. Those software who can stream game on social media, record game in 4K mode, and able to resize or crop your video all these feature available in the above list.

If you are also record your game on PC and use some different software, please let us know in the comment section so we can add it to the list and other users can get benefit from them.

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