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Android was launched in 2008 and become revolutionary operating system for mobile devices. Currently more then 87% user currently using android operating system right now rest are using others.  Now we done almost every task

Every android phone comes with default web browser but its load with too many add on and ads on it. You unable to change default page and there are many customizations required. For security purpose most of people can’t use these browsers and they are looking for some other browsers.

Here are we discuss about best fastest browser for android check out the below list of fastest web browser for android devices.

Let’s Choose the fastest web browser for android users.

1. Opera Browser with Free VPN

Developer Opera
Rating 4.6
Latest Version 63
Download Size Varied with Devices (77MB)

opera browser with free vpn fastest browser for android

We all know that Opera browser is leading brand in desktop browser now offer this lightweight and fastest browser for android users also. Opera fastest browser for android also comes with free VPN and built-in ad blocker.

Opera browser built in video player shows you short clips, videos as per your interest. You can also read the latest news in this browser built in features. If you are looking for some special browser which can offer you support in your local language then try this. From around the globe, it supports more then 50+ language for its users.

Some Cool feature of this fastest web browser for android.

  • Free inbuilt VPN to surf the internet without compromise your privacy
  • Block ads on websites
  • News feed and video support
  • Sports and latest entertainment news
  • Manage passwords and autofill credit cards
  • Night mode and private browsing

There are lots of other feature of opera fastest browser for mobile users download it now.

Download Opera Browser with Free VPN for Android Here.

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2. Brave Private Browser

Developer Brave
Rating 4.6
Latest Version 1.24
Download Size Varies with Devices

brave private browser for android

The Brave private browser is one of the best fastest and private browser for android users. Its block all the tracker from any website you visit and secure your private information on the web.

Brave browser also stops ads on website and disable all the tracker so web page load faster compare to other browser. My personal favourite is this browser because it save lots of time and also run on chromium so everything looks familiar.

Try Brave Private Browser for Android

3.  Firefox Lite- Fast, Lightweight and Secure Browser

Developer Firefox
Rating 4.4
Latest Version 2.6.1
Download Size 6.5M

Firefox Lite- Fast Lightweight and Secure Browser

Firefox lite as its name suggest this browser is one of the fastest and lightweight browsers for android users.  On desktop version after google chrome most of users uses Firefox browser as fastest browser to work easily. This Firefox lite browser turbo mode works good in low internet connection also and load page faster compare to others.

While many browsers consume lots of memory in your phone but this Firefox lite loads page faster, save your data and work superfast compare to others.

Download Firefox Lite – Fast Lightweight and Secure Browser

4. Puffin Web Browser

Developer CloudMosa Inc
Rating 3.3
Latest Version Varies with device
Download Size Varies with device

Puffin Web Browser for android

Developed by CloudMosa Inc this browser is also fast and lightweight for android users. Famous among most of the users they user this browser in their android phone.

It has too many features like save data, cloud protection, faster page load, and flash support for pages. All the features make this fastest web browser for android users.

The main problem with this browser is that its shows too many ads on every visit to irritated the users.

Download Puffin Web Browser

5. Google Chrome: Fast & Secure

Developer Google LLC
Rating 4.1
Latest Version Varies with device
Download Size Varies with device

google chrome fastest browser for android

Google Chrome one of the best and fastest browser for android users. Generally its already installed on most of the android devices and you can use it to save your time.

No doubts come from the leading company of the world and makers of android operating system. Google chrome works well and its ultra-data saving mode save your lots of data.

But main concern with this browser is privacy because google shows ads on every page and track your all the record like activity, history and your interest to show personalized ads on other websites.

Download Google Chrome Here

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6. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser

Developer DuckDuckGo
Rating 3.3
Latest Version Varies with device
Download Size Varies with device

duckduckgo privacy lightweight browser for android

If you concern for your privacy and want a browser which loads page faster and also care about your privacy then this DuckDuckGo privacy browser is perfect fit for you.

One of the fastest web browsers for android this DuckDuckGo comes from DuckDuckGo search engine and became popular in recent 1-2 years.

Many users who concern about their privacy already shifted on this search engine and also use this fastest browser on android device.

Download DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser Here

7. Microsoft Edge Canary

Developer Microsoft Corporation
Rating 4.2
Latest Version 92.0
Download Size Varies with device

Microsoft Edge Canary

From the leading developer Microsoft this browser is one the best and lightweight web browser for android users. If you are still using old edge browser then uninstall it and try this new Edge Canary browser. Its same as google chrome because using chromium engine like another browser brave etc.

Microsoft Edge canary is fastest and secure web browser for android users. This browser still in preview mode but you can use it and enjoy the latest feature from Microsoft

Download Microsoft Edge Canary Here

There are lots of browsers available on google play store which claims to be fast and lightweight but don’t use them. Browsers are the most common things to track your data and in future blackmail you. They can also save your personal information so we recommended that don’t use any browser if you not aware about them.

Some of browsers runs ads on many websites and forcefully installed on your devices they can track everything you done on your android phone so we specially recommended that if you are looking for fastest web browser for android then try one of them from above listed web browsers because they comes from trusted brand and care about your privacy.

Some time slow browser can also work for me but I always care about privacy so these are the best fastest and private browser for you.

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